Hypothetical healthy vegan

A random continuation of yesterday’s post. Maybe a pep talk Nr.2.

The more you know, the more you understand that you know nothing. It applies to everything. One can read books and watch videos about nutrition all he wants. It is useful to absorb the knowledge. To learn. One must also keep in mind that knowledge is filtered through that other person.

That other person has found what works for him/her. It is not a universal truth. Some people do not understand it. They are pushing their truth as an absolute. That is dangerous. Learn the knowledge, but keep away from these people.

To find your own truth you must experiment. A lot. It takes time. In a way, other people knowledge becomes a shortcut. Research done by scientists is valuable, though it is limited. Experiment on yourself to find your truth.

Diet stuff is the easiest. You are what you eat, right?

Did you know that in the Survival Triad (I made it up) food is the lowest. We can survive without Food for months. Without Water for days. And without Air few minutes.

Survival Triad is this: Air, Water, Food.

It is not only the lowest. It also acts as a base. What we eat gets broken down and spread through our bodies. What happens when you eat lots of dead stuff? There isn’t much to break down. As a vegan it is easy to “fuel” yourself with dead stuff aka lots of processed food.

Hypothetical healthy vegan would forget about processed foods. All of the junk food. He wouldn’t eat dead food anymore.

His full attention would be at live foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits. It is so simple.

Hypothetical healthy vegan wouldn’t listen to me. She would experiment. I know what works for my body (partly). Does your body accepts foods you eat? Do they make you sick? Alert? Experiment with different combinations of different foods.

I know that I will try to find the minimum viable food. That means the minimum food I need to not overload my body. Overeating is bad, ok. Eating 200g of nuts in one sitting is definitely an overkill.

The good old saying “Eat until you feel full” and improved saying “Eat until you feel 80% full” is an exercise in willpower. When mind screams, “We need to eat. Damn you. We have cravings. We need to fill the damn time.” Try to resist that.

Our gut is flexible but small. Stretching it doesn’t help to be healthy. High-end restaurants have laughable portions for a reason. They want you to enjoy the experience. Not to stuff yourself full. When you are more then full there is no enjoyment.

Hypothetical healthy vegan (HHV) would eat for function again. Not for pleasure. Eating only for pleasure leads to trouble. Once HHV is comfortable with eating for function, eating for pleasure can return. If it can be controlled.

HHV knows how to maintain a healthy balance of live and dead foods. Dead foods being guilty pleasure foods, not the main dish.

Experimentation leads to understanding. Listen to your body. No one else knows what is happening within you. Follow your own path.

Hypothetical healthy vegan is healthy when he/she feels healthy.