Ice cream Mondays

It just happened, ok.

For some reason I find it more enjoyable to eat outside. If you give me a choice to eat in a fancy restaurant or outside, I’ll eat outside.

Once upon a time I wanted an ice cream. Vegan ice cream, of course. I’m not a savage. Ice cream before twelve. It was Monday. Why not.

The million dollar question was where to eat it. From my endless walking loops, there was a nice place near river. It was pretty close too. That’s where I went.

This place is out of sight. River is less then ten steps away. A fallen log to sit on. Grass, trees, fresh breeze. Chattering birds, buzzing insects, occasional fish splash, distant city sounds. I say it’s a great place to eat an ice cream.

I liked it so much the first time that I repeated it again and again. It happened three times now.

Today I named it Ice Cream Zen

When you eat it, you focus only on the ice cream. The texture. Coldness. The taste.

Your mind will drift away. That’s ok. Let it drift away and return to the ice cream. Eat it slowly. Be mindful of every bite. Or slurp when it’s melted.

When you are done put the empty ice cream thingy away.

Now it’s time for Sitting Zen.

Be comfortable. You can close your eyes and enjoy surrounding sounds. If you want a little bit weirdness in your life, focus your attention to your belly. Feel the coldness from ice cream. Notice how it is digesting.

Feel the breeze, if there is one. Warmness of the sun, if the sun is not hiding. Listen to birds, insects, flowing water, if there is one near you.

You can also be aware with eyes open. Don’t focus on one thing. Relax your eyes. Watch the sky. The horizon, or flowing water. Be unfocused. Allow your thoughts to ebb and flow. Observe them. Do not engage. You will know when you are done.

As you can see this part depends on where you are eating your ice cream. Adapt it to your needs.

Last part is Walking Zen.

When you are done with Sitting Zen, walk where you wish. Where your legs want to go. It doesn’t matter where. Just walk. When you are walking, enjoy the moment. The walking. Ask yourself existential questions. Find the burning questions within you. Try to answer them. It’s ok if they don’t make sense. Talk aloud if you wish. Sing. Chant spells in forgotten language. Be at peace with who you are. You will know when you are done.

If you are wondering if this is a joke post. A little bit. Maybe 10%. Otherwise it’s quite real.

First two vegan ice creams I found in an unexpected place. I’ve already tried simple ones before. Like with vanilla and almonds. These two were salted caramel and chocolate fudge. Something new.

After I ate them I actually thought I’m done. There were no other vegan ice creams like that. Then I found two more. Cool, I thought. This morning I went to buy one. BOOM. There are buttload more. It’s crazy it’s the same market. Maybe half an hour away from each other. That second market has much more choices. That is annoyingly fun.

There were few from the native brand. Few more from Ben & Jerry’s. This is where another fun begins. I’ve never eaten Ben & Jerry’s. Their price is crazy. Around 6 euros for one ice cream. I could never justify to buy a six euro ice cream. It’s nuts. Yet I could buy other weird shit that cost similar when put together. It’s so easy to forget how little things add up. I also thought that Ben & Jerry’s is for super rich people. Does anyone know why it costs so much? Yes, I’m lazy to google, and I need interaction with you people. Send me an email.

Today I stepped over this weird block. I already bought first ice creams for around 4 euros. Adding two euros is nothing. For some reason the price, for Ben & Jerry’s, was 8 euros (it wasn’t actually). I was like, “ok. I have a choice. Native brand that is cheaper or Super expensive B&J.”

There was a resistance. Again. Eight euros for one ice cream. Am I crazy? I could buy much more healthier stuff for that money. I could basically feed myself for a week with it. And here I am thinking to buy an ice cream. That costs a fortune.

Have you thought how you approach thinking about money? Do you think about money from the zero/bottom? Or do you think about money as you have 1 million coins in your pocket.

You see, if you think from the zero, 8 euros for a single ice cream is a freaking waste. Especially if you have only 10 euros in your pocket (that’s what I had). It makes a big hole in your finances.

On the other hand. If you think you already have 1 million coins in your bank account. 8 euros doesn’t even make a dent in your finances.

I’ve been practicing this for a while. And it is not about money wasting. It is about adjusting your mindset from scarcity to abundance. If you can “convince” your mind that you already have 1 million or 10 million coins, prices will look differently to you.

Few weeks ago I walked by a car shop. Prices were in five and six figures. From a scarcity mindset it’s a lot. I’ve never seen or had this much money in a bank account or cash.

On the other hand, from 1 million point of view the prices for these cars looked tiny. Any six figure number I looked at felt tiny. Like these are pennies. A change. I can’t explain it. You must experience it yourself. It’s a strange feeling to look at six figures and think it’s almost nothing.

Back to ice cream. I was ready to buy 8 euro ice cream. Because why not. I chose Peanut butter and Cookies.

Of course 8 euros wasn’t the true right price. It was 5,88 euros. Pretty cool. The important part is that I stepped over that block that couldn’t justify that price. Huzzah!

And I must say, that ice cream was Delicious. Totally worth it. Best part was that it was filled to the brim. The worst part is that I must taste all the flavors now. Halp!

Have you eaten Ben & Jerry’s? Mix it with Ice Cream Zen.

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