Ignoring your own rules

Such is life. You know the thing where you create the rules for yourself, then you somehow manage to ignore them. Yeah, that thing.

It makes me wonder if rules you make for yourself are useless. Well, they are useless if you are ignoring them. Though it is a great learning experience. You make the rules. You break them. There is only one catalyst. You. Nothing is influencing you from the outside.

That temptation to ignore the set rules comes from within. Is this an error in your programming? A glitch? A weakness? Whatever it is, it’s strong enough to make you comply. It bends you to its will until you break and give up. Thus breaking the rule you set.

Does it mean you failed? Depends on how you look at it. Is it a failure or a learning experience? If it is a failure, that’s it, you are done. You have doomed yourself to the oblivion. Just kidding.

If it is a learning experience, you can shrug shoulders and take a note. Next time you will do something differently. You will improve.

Then there is another aspect. Living by rules and not ignoring them. Even if it is something silly. You have every right to stop living by that rule, and you choose not to. It could be a rule with an expiring date. Something like, you can eat cake only ten times this year. After that you can’t eat any cake at all. To make it worse, you like cake but it makes you sick.

You could stop eating. It makes you sick. Why would you eat it? But ten times is the allowed count. And you will honor it. You will eat ten cakes during the span of the year. Of course you eat ten cakes in two months. Logically thinking, that rule makes no sense. Cake makes you sick. You don’t eat it.

But you make a silly rule like that and reach the end of it as fast as you can.

Does it make sense? Probably it doesn’t.

Humans have created gazillion rules. We follow them because if you don’t, you will get punished. That is our system. If you follow rules you are good. You don’t follow them, you are bad. The control is real. Anyway.

Self-made rules are much more forgiving. Unless you decide to punish yourself. Don’t do that. Create self-made rules for a learning experience. Be kind to yourself if you ignore them. You ignored them for a reason. Find what it is. Make adjustments either to the rules or your mindset.

The magic of learning.