Illusion of control

Are you delusional?

Just kidding. You don’t have to answer that. What emotion did you felt when you read that question. I hope it was amusement. Was your emotion real or just an illusion?

Our goal as storytellers is to create immersive worlds. That feel and sound real. Through words we are creating illusions. We are magicians, illusionists. Manipulators of emotions. You as a wordsmith hold a godly power. A power of creation.

How do you think we came into this existence? Not from nothing. From some intangible energy that gained consciousness? Someone created us? What if this reality is only an illusion? We as a conscious energy are holding all of this in our mind.

Now think. Where are your stories, poems, worlds, characters coming from? Your experience is shaped and molded in your mind. Creating something new and unique. Which feels real. But is it? Worlds in your head. Are they real? They definitely feel like that. As I think about my world, which is every day, it feels like it exists in a tangible reality. Of course I need to remind myself that it’s not true. Unless it is manifesting itself in a different dimension as a real thing. How many times your characters have began to write themselves? At one point they desire to live their own lives without your guidance. How can you deny it to them?


Imagine how many writers are out there. And if every one of them has a world in their heads. There are millions of different worlds that are not real? Right? Each writer is creating a new dimension where their imagination creates whatever it can. So is there a possibility that we are in someone’s head also? You can’t deny that it’s a possibility. Or someone created a virtual sandbox for us to play in. Ha, imagine that whatever you do is actually written first and when you have doubts or can’t decide between vanilla or chocolate ice cream, someone is rewriting that sentence over and over again. Are you completely positive that you are in control of choosing chocolate ice cream?

When you read a book, hopefully you are imagining scenes you read. What happens then. Are you controlling these characters and environments? Or are they simply living through your mind.

Closed book

An interesting thought. What happens when no one reads a book. Do these worlds live on or stay in stasis. What moves these worlds, our imagination or the words we read that came from the writer. You as a writer are planting seeds of illusion in the minds of readers. You are responsible for a creation of a beautiful garden not a weed field. Your words have power to enlighten or to destroy. Choose wisely.

What happens to your world when you don’t think about it? I think that my world keeps shaping itself. It just happens slower. When I consciously think about it I can move to the past or the future. That is, time travel happens instantly. That brings us back to our reality. Is someone keeping our future in its mind. We might think that we are living in a linear spacetime. What if in someones mind our past, present and future is one instantaneous moment?

We of course are living in eternal present. Memories are our past. And our free will through actions is shaping future. For our characters we are creating their memories and we tell them what to do so that they move plot forward. We are shaping them until they say it’s enough. Can we say it’s enough, and then move in different direction? We can, when we decide to wake up. Just like our characters.

Who is writing your story? You or someone else?

A penny for your thoughts