Intentional sabotage of life

Your life. By yourself.

I know that there are people who are doing it to others. Intentionally and unintentionally. These people suck big time. However, there comes time when their sabotage becomes self-sabotage. It kind of morphs into it. You might not even notice it until you are deep in it.

When the noticing happens, there is only one truth. It is you who is feeding this sabotage now. Those who began it don’t care. They might not know what they have done. They continue to live their own lives without any knowledge or remorse. While you are drowning in your own destruction.

Stop it. Easier said than done. I know. Still. Stop it. For one, it is not worth it. The damage is done. There is no need to carve the scar deeper. You will simply bleed out and create a mess. We are too lazy for such a thing.

No one cares what you are going through. People will try to help you. They will want to help you. Some may succeed. Though. no one can understand what happens in your head.

Sure, there are patterns. Through the centuries people have experienced the same things, but it is like looking in the mirror. In the mirror I see myself, but it is not me. It is a reflection of me. Add more mirrors, there will be more reflections of me. These reflections look like me, but are not me. The same, yet different.

So it is with problems. You might say, “I went through exactly the same thing.” No you didn’t. You had a similar experience. Your environment was different. Your outcome was different. Your mindset was different. Your mind processed this experience in its own unique way.

You are the only one who can help yourself. Choosing to go to the specialist is your own choice and decision too.

When you notice that you are living a life of self-sabotage, make a choice of changing it. Create more fun in your life.