Invisible rain

It is that thing that makes you wet out of nowhere.

I wouldn’t say it’s a magic rain. It is very real. And it doesn’t come from a cloud on top of your head.

Yesterday I was crying. Damn onions. Real ones. I was cooking a mushroom mix. Lots of mushrooms, lots of onions, beans, vegan minced meat, salt, pepper, tomato sauce with chili (not ketchup), and a little bit of oat milk. It was a beautiful and delicious mess.

It is a silly example. Another I have is in the cinema, while watching movies. There are times when the invisible rain comes unexpected. In moments where you recognize the lack of your skill or belief. Some moments play the right string. It happens even during superhero movies. They do something awesome. Mind says, “I should be able to do that. Why I can’t do that? What’s wrong?”

Then invisible rain comes.

It can happen while listening to music. Driving a car. Gardening. You never know when invisible rain will visit you. Emotional wave will wash over you. Then it happens. It is also a question, if emotional wave attracts invisible wave, or invisible rain creates the emotional wave.

There is no control over it. You can’t control something invisible. Tho, they caught the invisible man in the book. Maybe there is hope. As for now I don’t know how to control it.

When it comes, let it be. Allow it to pass through. It doesn’t linger for long. Unless it is the mother of emotional waves. Then it could stay for a while.

If you are alone, accept that invisible rain is here. You’ll be wet, and that is fine. It is a release of stuck emotions. You might not even know which emotions. If you can distance yourself for a bit, you can ask, what emotions are making this happen?

Answer might surprise you. When I was watching movies and invisible rain came, I noticed quickly at which moment it happen. “Yeah, yeah, I know.”

I’m aware you will be curious which moments are making invisible rain to come. Most of the time they are leadership moments. When someone steps forward. Moments that overlap my own life, and I know that should be doing that as well. Yet I’m not doing it.

Invisible rain shows the truth. It doesn’t matter if we like or not. We accept it or not. It is a neutral visitor. It doesn’t mind if it is not welcomed. Invisible rain is on the mission. Always moving.

When it’s gone say, “Thank you.” Don’t feed it, though. It will overstay its welcome.