Is communication that hard?

This might end up being a little rant.

Let’s start with the irony. I travelled all the way to Latvia to get access to a normal internet aka unlimited awesomeness. Not the main thing, but one of. In Germany my internet was limited 5gb per month, by the way. Tough life.

In Latvia there wasn’t and still isn’t a connection with ISP. I haven’t fixed it yet because I was in self-isolation for ten days. ISP has no joints in this town anymore. To fix internet I need internet. And I am keeping myself busy with novel writing for NaNoWriMo.

Neighbour lady, who was keeping an eye on this flat I am in, was kind enough to let me use her wifi. It barely reached my flat. But it worked.

She has a strange habit of switching the wifi off everytime she goes somewhere, and when she is sleeping.

My mom sort of asked her to keep the wifi on until I would fix mine.

Neighbour lady sort of listened to her and kept the wifi on for two days straight. Then back again with her strange habit.


I understand that it is me intruding in her established order. However it is still annoying and weird. The worst part is that she switched it off exactly at the same time when ISP began their work. Without internet I couldn’t talk to them to find what the problem was. And of course she switched it back on when ISP was close to finishing their daily work. Which is probably sitting in front of computers all day and answering questions. Because internet.

To show how her habit works I have a nice example. Yesterday she went out and back multiple times. During the day she spent maybe 10-15 min in the house. Each time she came back she switched the wifi on. Each time she went out she switched it off.

Today they changed the password of their wifi. Locking me out completely.

I used ‘They’ in the last sentence, because she lives with her son who has some mental illness. He is in his forties or fifties. Not sure. I am also not sure how much direct control he has over things. Including the internet. Wifi name has his name, so there is that.

As I understood from my mom they are not tech savvy. So changing wifi password seems like big feat. Of course I’m not saying they are dumb. There is some involvement needed to change it. So it is quite a pleasant surprise they can do it. Or maybe someone helped them.

Ultimate a-hole

Wifi password change is like the ultimate middle finger or the ultimate slap in the face.

Now. Am I a fluffy angel? Most likely not. Otherwise it wouldn’t had happened. Maybe. I don’t know. Let’s look how I used their internet.

For one I used it for work stuff. Website, GrooveyD and such. I did connect three devices though. Two phones and laptop. Other phone I began to use only yesterday.

I used it for phone apps. Mostly twitter. Little bit instagram. Updated apps that needed updating. Played Dragon Ball Legends. I like that game.

Laptop use was more intense probably. In the first days I downloaded four games. Fifth game, Guild Wars 2, I began to download later, didn’t finished. That game is big. Sigh. I missed game playing and I wanted to see how my laptop works with games. Other stuff I downloaded was Krita, Blender, Gimp. These were more for future work related things.

As for other internet stuff. I mostly visited Reddit, email, a couple of my favourite websites. Youtube I barely touched. Mostly because of the novel writing.


Yesterday Dragon Ball Legends began its festival. Big celebration. Fun stuff. Months before I was thinking about making a specific account were I would save crystals (game’s currency) for a specific character. Initial idea was to start it on the December 1st. That character came yesterday as part of the celebration.

So I did make a new account to get it. I didn’t get it. So I made another new account. That is called rerolling. Yesterday I made three or four new accounts. Bad luck. This morning I finished the one I began yesterday. Didn’t get it. Made another one. Was close to finishing but the nice neighbours changed their password.

I am not denying that asset downloading could have created some strain to the wifi. My knowledge of wifi is minimal. With it I would think that internet could become slower. Even if I was pretty much on the edge of its reach. Couldn’t their internet speed be untouched if they are at the very center of it?

While assets were downloading, Reddit worked pretty fine on my laptop. I’m not sure how it could slow down their internet if mine was working at the same speed as without asset downloading. Though, I have faster wireless on my Aspire 5. And my phone is fast too. If their laptop or whatever they have is worse, which I’m confident is true, then their internet could become slower.

I am totally guessing, because they haven’t said a single word.

They did not communicate with me.

No communicado

If my shenanigans overloaded their internet, then talk to me. “Dude we don’t know what you are doing, but it slows our internet. Can you please stop it?”

“Yes I can, thank you for telling me.”

It is not hard. Communication is not that hard. You know, open your jaw and make sounds. Easy.

I could understand if they had limited internet and I was shooting in the stars with my download volume. Which I was, to be honest. Their internet had no monthly limit. At least they didn’t tell me. And if I would be going over something, obvious reaction would be to come down and tell me to pay the difference. Which I would do.

I mean we kind of made a verbal deal that I will use their internet until I’ll fix mine. We didn’t talk how I would use it. I have no idea how they are using it. Most likely not like me. Well, I used their internet as I would my own. If we compare with animal world, I attacked their internet as a vulture. Only because of their weird habit of switching it on and off. There is action and there is a reaction.

This is why I am saying that you people need to freaking communicate. It is ridiculous. I couldn’t keep writing a novel without ranting it out. I’m like at the very end. 10K words are left.

Fine. No internet no distractions. That also means that my streak of writing and uploading posts will be broken. I will still write them. No idea when I will upload them, though.

This is stupid. I need my internet, man.

An update: I love how life works. Managed to find a deal for a phone number with unlimited internet with a 50% discount for two years. I have an internet. Though I still need fix ISP issue. Life is awesome.