Journaling, day 1

Shall we try again? No, this is not turning into a journaling blog. That’s my private endeavor. There will be two posts. This and one at the end of the month.

I have tried journaling for a few times. Never followed through. Lost interest, I guess. Couldn’t see much benefits either. Does it count as journaling if I tend to write on copy paper sheets (which I throw away)?

Will this time be different? I sure hope so. If necessary I’ll write just one sentence.

So many questions. What to write? Where to write? How to write? When to write? Craziness. No, not really. Just write. With this in mind I read only two blog posts about journaling. This one from dailystoic about the art of journaling. Many famous dead people had this habit. Apparently there are many benefits too. Better communication and Boosted cognition would be useful. I liked this paragraph.

The founder of Linkedin, Reid Hoffman, jots down in his notebook things that he likes his mind to work on overnight. Similarly, chess prodigy and martial arts phenom Josh Waitzkin, has a similar process: “My journaling system is based around studying complexity. Reducing the complexity down to what is the most important question. Sleeping on it, and then waking up in the morning first thing and pre-input brainstorming on it. So I’m feeding my unconscious material to work on, releasing it completely, and then opening my mind and riffing on it.”

I’m currently trying to find the right name for my future curated newsletter. Hopefully journaling will help. Starting today and for the next week I intend to journal right before I go to sleep. Week after I’ll change up to journaling as the first thing in the morning (after the shower).

I’ll try not to focus on specific techniques. One thing I want to practice is to write only positive thoughts. Nothing negative. I’ll do my best to turn my negative thoughts into positive.

Second post I read was from Tim Ferriss. He writes in the morning. I liked how he eloquently put amazon links in the post.

I am pulled to write with a hand in a notebook. This time I’ll try to write on a laptop. I have a wiki program called WikiPad. It’s not a journaling program, but I made it so. I looked at different journaling apps. I even have one on my phone (which I’m no using). What I’m missing from these apps is a seamless transition from phone to desktop. Some of these apps has it, but you must pay for it. I mean I understand they need income too, but come on.

This is something I was thinking a while back. There is no unified note taking/journaling app/platform. One that is working on all platforms. Has a central storage. On the ground and space. It’s a fabulous system for Legacy Creation. Accessible to everyone for free. Personal storage space might behind the paywall. Open storage would be accessible to everyone, because everyone has knowledge and experience to share. It’s a concept that doesn’t leave my head. Anyway.

Journaling apps suck. I have a makeshift wiki style journal. Maybe I’ll need to buy a notebook. Right, another concept idea. I want an app that can change hand writing into digital type. For example you take a picture of your handwritten text, and it turns it into digital type. Automatically saving it into your designated folder in your Legacy Storage. That app would need a self-learning A.I., because handwriting is individual.

Day 1 of Journaling. Let’s go. Want to join me?

A penny for your thoughts