Journey to – Part 4

This is final part of Journey to


To keep your website safe I highly recommend plugin wordfence. It does it’s job really well. For the first few weeks I worked without any defense at all. Then I thought that maybe I should put something to protect So I tried wordfence. Without special configuration at all. It seemed fine so I kept it. Before I allowed google bots to crawl in, I changed wordfence ‘s configurations to be more stricter. And I’m glad I did it. I have no idea how these guys find websites to attack but already in the first week wordfence blocked few small attacks. And it continued on with 2 or more attacks per week. Last week was even more interesting. My website has no traffic at all but some Vietnamese dumbasses decided to brute force attack to my website. They didn’t gave up for three days. And wordfence blocked out 12 attempts from them. So I think that wordfence is really good. One thing that bothers me though is how it sends information about plugin updates. It treats them as alerts. You will receive email from it that says wordfence alert and I think it’s a little bit too strong of a statement about a simple plugin update.

To keep my future comments in check I use akismet plugin. For that extra safety.

Speed optimization

Surprisingly I didn’t had to do much here. Generatepress is a fast theme by itself and it made things easier. To see my website speed I used GTmetrix website. Internet said that it’s the most reliable. But even there re-testing showed different results. I connected with cloudflare, and did some configuration there. I also installed WP Super Cache and Autoptimize plugins to speed things up.

The cost

As you can see I tried to keep the cost as low as possible. The most expensive thing for me was Greengeeks hosting and GeneratePress premium plugin. Domain name was at it’s usual price.

Hosting – 71,40 USD or 63,14 Euros.

GP premium – 39,95 USD or 35,34 Euros.

Domain name – 12,16 USD or 10,76 Euros.

All together – 123,51 USD or 109,24 Euros.

I think I got away pretty cheap with this website. Every plugin I have is free or is a free version of a paid plugin. And it seems that it’s possible to build a website on a very, very tight budget. Although I think it’s probably possible to get even cheaper.

Some final thoughts

It took me two months and a bit more… May 23 to August 2… to get this website to the point where I thought that it’s good enough. Launching it, if you can all it launching at all, was quite scary. That scary part was not launching itself but more like putting these “Therapy” stories out in the world. So I just posted these first stories and changed the “Coming soon” page to the real front page and I was done. Is perfect? Not at all, but I hope that it’s functional.

I don’t know if this time was too short or too long. But the week before launching I was just delaying that launching by searching and fixing smallest things possible. In the end I took couple days off where I didn’t worked or even thought about it. When I returned my focus back to I saw that I was simply delaying time. It was simply a matter of taking action.

During these two months I had to learn quite a lot of new things, step over my fear of asking for help and become friends with failure. It was really, really interesting to build it from ground up. Also this project was quite a big step in my personal growth journey and I’m grateful about that. But this was just a single step and even more steps are waiting for me. So in reality this is just a beginning.

Learning never stops. With that I have a question? How one can update a website while it’s live? As in change things on the website without taking it down. I read some articles about it, but information was quite scattered and I think I lack knowledge to understand it anyway. So if someone could clearly explain how this update thingy works, I would be grateful.

A penny for your thoughts