Learning to comment

One might think “What‘s there to learn?”. But for antisocial person like me it’s a whole new world.

Since I’m practicing to put my thoughts in semi-coherent words through these blog posts, I decided to expand this practice to other platforms with comments. So last month, which was august, I played a game where I wrote at least one comment each day.

I never write comments. I tried in the past, but I never published one. Most of the time I see no point in them. I also have no idea what to write in them. And why should I write a comment if I have nothing to say? Then there is a fear of putting my inner thoughts and opinions for others to see. What if someone will not like what I have written? I’ll get some backlash or something. I’ll get flamed and of course bullied once again. My opinions doesn’t matter. I have no useful opinions anyway. Raise your hand if thoughts like these are familiar.

There are a lot of things going on for simple commenting. And mostly these are personal issues I’m battling inside myself. But if I can write stories about my most damaging problems for the whole world to see, then I can write few lines of my opinions.

In addition to my own comments I also looked what others were writing. For my commenting practice I chose Instagram and webtoons since I’m most comfortable on these platforms. Maybe I’ll add youtube later too, who knows. Of course there are commenting on other blogs, but I don’t know many blogs where I could leave meaningful comments. On these two platforms of my choice I noticed that it’s possible to separate comments by their value.

Passing by comments”: Beautiful, Awesome, I like it etc.

Personal opinion comments”, which are more expanded Passing by comments: These are really great colors, I like it because…., etc.

Meaningful comments”, a paragraph or two of personal thoughts. I think that these comments walk a thin line of being “Wall of text”.

Meaningless comments”, dumb stuff that gives no value.

Close friend comments”, these work with really close friends. You basically mess around with your friend, like Rock is messing with Kevin Hart.

Engaging comments”, not sure how these work, but I suppose if your opinion can raise an emotion in a reader that he is compelled to respond to your comment, and it creates a discussion between people, then it counts as an engaging comment.

I began with “Passing by comments” and went through each of these types, except “Meaningless comments”. Last two were accidental but fun. The very first comment was hard to write. And it was only one word. That was real internal struggle. I wish I could explain why it felt so hard, but I have no idea. Maybe it has something to do with responsibility. Responsibility about your own thoughts. How your thoughts will resonate with a person to whom you are leaving that comment. Will your comment make that person happy, thoughtful or maybe angry. I suppose that all of us will develop a reaction/emotions of our own to the comments we read. If you think about it, comments can be both pleasant and dangerous. Anyway for some reason I sped through different weird scenarios what will happen if I’ll publish that first comment. But the good news is that with each comment it became easier. For the first week I had to force myself. Later there was no resistance at all. If I had an opinion I just wrote it and forgot about it. Forgetting is also important. When you write and publish that comment, don’t expect much of it. Don’t wait for a response or a like to your comment. Publish it and move on. If the like or a response appears then it will be more fun if you have already forgotten about it. Another important thing is to remember if you have nothing to say then say nothing. There were days that I didn’t wrote a comment at all. But there were days when I made two comments. There is no pressure to put every thought you have for everyone to see. Unless you do weird experiments like this one. Another great way to get your thoughts out is with journaling. It’s private and effective.

I think that the best type of comments are a mix between “Personal opinion comments” and “Meaningful comments”. Of course super comments are a mix between all of these types, excluding ”Meaningless comments”. But I think that these are accidental unless you specifically craft a comment like that. To put comments in few words: Comments are expression of instant thought about a subject of interest.

Well then, I don’t know if there is a branch of science about commenting. But if there is not, then there should be one, because commenting is a form of expression worth exploring.

A penny for your thoughts