Lessons from growing plants

Or just an observation. Or I’m just projecting my own reality to them. Overthinking, please move aside.

I have the honor to observe the spinach, tomato, dill, two types of melons. It’s fascinating to watch them grow.

There is one common thing to all of them. To grow big they need space. Lots of it. If they are confined their growth stops. As a child I spent my share in the garden. But I never saw how something from the little seed grew big (as in, not constantly observing). My experience was seeing their growth in chunks. Flowers, potatoes, salad, and other delicious stuff. To plant everything with a distance is a common knowledge. For a child me it wasn’t that interesting. Adult me finds everything interesting.

Tomato fruit grows between flower and stem. It’s amazing. Plant itself requires a pretty big flower pot.

I’ve noticed that with my own personal growth too. It’s a mix of circumstances, but to grow I, also, require lots of personal space. Without it I wouldn’t have reached the mental state I’m currently in in such a short time.

One melon came out with its seed on top. With my limited knowledge I presume that it first grew roots leaving the seed empty. Because it was a broken shell. On the bottom. After that stem went up through the seed. Unless the seed is too hard and gets pushed out.

If we think of ourselves as seeds, then to grow we, first, need to root ourselves. How can we do that? I can only speculate. What is our root? Legs? Maybe. How about our knowledge about ourselves? But aren’t we growing to understand ourselves? Let’s cheat a little bit.

Root chakra sits at the base of your spine. It’s the very first chakra, and is the foundation for other chakras, and your life. What creates foundation of our lives? Food, water, a place to live, wifi. Strong roots create safety. I wonder if, by growing roots first, plants are testing how safe the place is. And if it’s safe, then process continues. So, foundation of our lives are our basic needs for survival. What’s next?

When we are safe, we can start our growth process. We can begin to experience the life. Spinach, dill, and melons first grow “test leaves”. I actually call them antennas. With my wild imagination, roots absorb nutrients from the ground, then sprouts “test leaves” to absorb sunlight. Because photosynthesis. Only then real leaves come out from the middle. I noticed that “test leaves” stop growing as real leaves come out.

That leads to the question. Do we have “test leaf” antennas? How about, our experiences that shape us. Through our experiences we are absorbing the life itself. We are testing what we can do. What we can’t do. We are learning and growing. Until we blossom into the flower or fruit. That fruit is ourselves. Our personality. Our perspective of the world.

Just like fruits we carry our own seeds within us. Our experiences. We can decide to keep them to ourselves, or to spread them in the wind. One way or another we still influence the world.

A penny for your thoughts