Let’s brainstorm a mini world from too little scenes

“You have earned this bow and arrow.”
“Gee. Thanks.”
“That's the enthusiasm I like.”
“Grasp your courage by the wings and take it.”
“Can I-”
“Take it! ...Behold the transformation.
This plump body. Cute big eyes. Curly hair.
The cupid has been born.”
Two tall beings walked through the garden.
Wind fluttered their robes.
“Did you hear?” One said.
“I did. Poor RuRu.”
“I remember him as a rookie.”
“He was so determined not to earn them.”
“And yet.”
“Yeah. Gym?”
“Sure. Muscles are aching for some weights.”

Technically these two are twitter stories I wrote on the February 14th. First one is for a writing prompt where only dialog is allowed and in second everything is allowed.

I wrote a dialog story first. Since prompt words I used were ‘bow’ and ‘arrow’ what’s more appropriate then Cupid on Valentines day. I didn’t thought much about it. Cupid’s bow and arrow is something one earned, but it wasn’t a pleasant reward. Upon receiving the bow and arrow poor guy transformed into a full cupid. I was imagining a baby cupid.

It didn’t took long to flesh it out further in my head. Why receiving bow and arrow is an unpleasant reward? Who is transforming into this baby cupid?

What is a total opposite to a plump baby body? A tall, muscular body.

A scene of a lush garden flashed in my mind. A place where gods would walk. When writing the second story I used ‘robes’. Now when I think, ‘togas’ would be better. A place with Greek aesthetics.

How can we use the information above to brainstorm a mini world?

I’ll follow my thinking process. Which might be chaotic.

These beings are not naturally born. Cupid is a title or profession one receives along with bow and arrow. How are they born? As a full grown adults. From a special fruit. That logically thinking would make these fruits enormously huge. That would make trees wide and tall. How tall are these beings? How about three meters tall. I imagine a monstrous tree with elongated fruits. Let’s say we want normal-sized trees and medium-sized fruits. How can we fit three meter tall beings in a medium-sized fruit? Make them as a light. When fruit is ripe it releases a light which shapes itself into three meter tall, muscular being. Naked. And it’s first thought is, “Where is the gym?”

Is Cupid Land a “sausage party”? It could be, but I think some female curves would add a little spice here and there. How are they born, then? They are sculpted from a stone. By whom? Special sculptors or light beings themselves.

It also rises a question who is living in this land. At the moment we have light beings, some females, someone high standing for cupid ceremony, and maybe sculptors.

What if light beings are born with their own skills? How are sculptors born? How are high ranking beings born? What kind of hierarchy is there?

We also have a beginning of a magic system. In some way we need to bring sculpted females to life. Someone needs to breath a life into these sculptures. Is it a sculptor’s job or there is someone specific that does this? Someone maybe examines the sculpture. Gives approval. And then someone comes and breathes a life into it. There are many ways to bring a sculpture to life. Breathing life into it sounds somewhat more poetic to me. Does the one who breathes a life into the sculpture gives its own life for it?

What kind of land or place is this Love Land? It’s a separate reality from our own. For some reason if I’m thinking about places where gods would live, it doesn’t make sense to make them live on a round planet. A surreal plane of existence seems more surreal if it’s a flat plane. Or anything but round. Thus, I’m choosing a flat plane. On the other hand a flat plane with really small individual round worlds doesn’t look that bad either.

Love Land is a colorful place. With fountains, gardens, orgies, and dark secrets that are on the verge of leaking out and tearing everything apart. Greek and Roman aesthetics. Palaces.

What dark secrets could a place of love hold?

Why everyone is avoiding of becoming a Cupid? For one, by becoming a cupid they are losing their tall, muscular bodies. They are losing their status. All the fun part of this world.

What makes high ranking beings to consider who is not worthy for orgy life? To figure that out we need to look at what cupid himself represents. Cupid in Latin means Desire. Individual who is shot by his arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire. Now, we can take traditional desire for love or reinterpretation by Theodulf of Orleans. Cupid as a demon of fornication. A seductive but malicious figure who exploits desire to draw people into an allegorical underworld of vice. In other worlds he poisons peoples minds.

Seeing that Love Land is a happy and bright place. Demon Cupid would create a nice contrast. But why? Do Light Beings lose their desire or their desire becomes too strong? Too uncontrollable perhaps. In a place filled with desires, Light Beings would need to balance and control their own desires. If they can’t, they are “removed” from the Orgy Land.

Are they immortal? They do not age. They eat. They drink. They can study, if they wish. They do not become fat. Unless they reach a tipping point where their desires become twisted. Fatness could become a visual cue for uncontrollable desires. I would say they are effectively semi-immortal. They can’t die from an old age or sicknesses. Yet, they could die from stabbing, decapitating, poisoning.

Sculptors. What if each being in this place is born in a different way. Sculptors could be born from a clay. Someone molded them in their shape. Breathed life in them and gave a superb skill of artistry aka sculpting.

Harp players. Are born from music. Each harp player is born from a special song.

Gardeners. Carved from a tree.

Cooks. Shaped from a dough.

I have nothing for High ranking beings, so I’ll leave them as a mystery.

And I will stop there. I wrote this in maybe three(ish) hours. On and off with eating, drinking, and other stuff. Is this the right way to build the world? No idea. There is no right way. This was a fun exercise, though. Sometimes I do this in my head when I write twitter stories. The only research I did was a quick read about Cupid and Eros. Everything else came from my head. If I would keep going I would probably dig deeper in Greek mythology as a starter. It would be a quest to find the dark secrets of the Love/Orgy Land. That would create a conflict for a bigger story. Ah, you may have noticed that I changed how I call this land. I did it just to test ideas. If I have an idea for a new name for something I’ll write it out to see how it looks.

Well, then. Fingers crossed this will help someone to start brainstorming their own world. It’s not exactly a science. If you have an idea, start asking questions. It’s simple, yet on reddit almost every second day someone asks, “how to start?” P.s. I’m a lurker there. One day I shall reveal myself.

A penny for your thoughts