Life has barely began

Are you old? No you are not.

Life is flexible. It is adaptable. It flows along with time. Swims in the ocean of non-time (yes I made it up). If you look at the life as a whole and the life you live, you have barely began to live.

Things you learn open different perspectives. Different views of the world. If you wish, you can see the life differently every day.

That is the beauty of it. Life that surrounds you can change from within on a whim. Have you seen the life as it is? I read that we can’t see the real nature of the life. Which is the pure energy. As we touch something it turns into the matter.

Life is such that it can be easily changed. That is, if you desire such change.

Some might think that the life is coming to the end. Is it really the truth? What is ending is your current experience. You may take a breather, but the next experience is right around the corner. Anything you do will lead to something else.

Life doesn’t end. It keeps flowing forward and we have barely touched the surface.

Are you in a tight space? In a wide field of grass and flowers? Life is nowhere near to ending. Moving from experience to experience you have no time to think that life is ending. Quite contrary. It has barely began.