Light behind the trees

It is pretty beautiful. Saw it while walking the unknown road.

When the sky is clear, the sun has nowhere to hide. And despite the coldness, the sun’s warmness will find you. If you think how far she is, it’s quite amazing.

The unknown road led to a private property. I had to turn back. Have you noticed that traveling the same road again, the traveling speed is faster. Despite walking at the same speed.

I guess it is because the brain mapped out the path when you walked it the first time. Thus, the second time the road is already known. The same thing happens with skills.

First time you do something it is unknown for the brain. Second time, the experience is already within, so it is familiar for the brain.

With this in mind, isn’t it ridiculous to fear doing something for the first time? Also on the same note, reading is not experiencing it. Though, reading and visualizing might work. But nothing beats the hands on experience (maybe extremely vivid imagination) of the unpredictable outcome.

Our brains are mapping and organizing every experience we have. Even the ones we are filtering out. But we are somehow allowing the fear to override experiences we want to experience consciously.

I’m not sure if it goes together, but it is similar with the sun’s warmth in the cold. If for a moment you focus on the sun you will feel her warmth. It will happen despite the surrounding coldness.

You almost have a choice. You either focus on the cold that surrounds you, or you focus on the little warmness from the sun. I bet the cold will win, because that little warmness is not enough (or you think that it is not enough). Thus you are allowing the external coldness to influence your thinking. You are succumbing to it, because it surrounds you.

However, if you felt the warmness from the sun, you know that you can focus on it too. Whatever surrounds you is not the final. Somewhere in-between or behind there is something else. Something more pleasant to focus on. It can be your anchor to the new reality.

Light doesn’t always shine right in your face. Sometimes you will find it standing behind the trees.