Love for writing

And worldbuilding

I am totally not hijacking “vss365” prompt from twitter to write a post for today.

What is love? Something abstract that world needs more of. I have thought about it quite often in the past months. No idea why, but mind works in mysterious ways. This led to an incomplete observation. Everyone is talking about it. Focus on love, they say. But what is it? Currently I see it as an overused, abused word that has lost its meaning. With this word we try explain something we don’t understand. It can be a value, an emotion, a sticker. Or anything else, a Love smoothie for example. For me it’s a state of mind. But for the sake of understanding you can interpret love for writing as you understand it.

I can’t speak about your love for writing so I will speak about mine. Writing seems ingrained in my DNA. I have tried not to write, I mean, you can’t escape it since it’s an everyday thing, but still. That rises a question. What kind of writing are we talking about? Let’s say, writing as a self-expression. That’s why we write, right? Of course there are hundreds of writing types, but it would be a short discussion if we would talk about grocery lists.

Writing as a self-expression. A need for self-expression I found deep inside me. Writing is one of the tools, a medium for it. For me it’s the easiest way to put my thoughts and emotions out there in the universe. It might be a main reason why I always gravitated toward it. I’ll skip this.That’s a long read but could be a fun one. Self-expression in a form of writing opened up fully after all that mess. That doesn’t mean I didn’t wrote at all, I just graciously ignored it. But when I opened myself to the world, writing just leaped in my lap and said, “Here I am. I missed you.” So, where it once was a one-sided love, at that moment it became mutual.

Let’s jump to worldbuilding

Young me enjoyed reading. It was a simple enjoyment until I said to myself that I want to write a story. Unfortunately my self-esteem issues decided otherwise. Combine it with a conditioning from a surrounding environment and you get a wannabe storyteller that does nothing. He thinks a lot, but doesn’t practice the craft he likes so much. That’s how from a single idea you build a Universe in your head. I wrote nothing on paper. All worldbuilding happened in my head. Consciously and unconsciously. There were years where I didn’t consciously thought about it. And when I revisited it my reaction was, “Oh, my.” Real love for worldbuilding blossomed when I relearned to be curious. Yes, you can lose it. And yes, it’s a boring life without it.

Curiosity also creates a jumbled mess in your head if you try to apply everything to your infant Universe. Everything is so awesome that I must add it to my world. Everything.

This is where I tried to write it down. On paper everything looked so much different then in my head. I didn’t care. I just wrote and in the garbage it went. But in this nothingness which is more no-progressiness (I think I just made it up), writing and worldbuilding fused together. It became Love. Especially when experiencing different ways of life nothing gave me satisfaction or feeling I got from putting my thoughts on a paper. It’s interesting how you come to the point in your life, where you know that you want to do this one thing for the rest of your life. Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. You live in the ocean or in the woods. There is this one thing. And only this thing can create a state of mind of pure bliss.

For me it came … I wanted to say quite late in my life … But no, it came just at the right time. This knowing came to me when I was ready. Sure, for some it comes when they are super young. And that is awesome. I wish every child would know what they want to do with their life before age ten. Then spend rest of the life working toward it. For some this knowing never comes and they die longing for this “something” in their lives.

Love for writing is an innate thing. You have it or you don’t. When you find that you have it, next step is to find how you want to apply it. That’s where you create intimate relationship with it.

How do you apply your love for writing?

A penny for your thoughts