Lucky door number four

There were these television shows once. You had to choose numbered doors and maybe you got lucky to win something.

Not sure how it goes together, but it is kind of similar with decision making. Before you make it you don’t know if that is the right decision. Essentially the door is closed.

Once the decision is made the door opens. Only then you can see if your decision was right. And you know that it was right if you had any goal before.

Hmm. Making decisions without any goal in mind. That is a thing too, right? Autonomous decision making. I like how it sounds. The point of it is to make decisions simply for the sake of the experience. There is no need for a goal. Though, to have an experience is the goal in itself.

Ok. Think on this. Can we live a truly goalless life? To live a goalless life is still a goal. I think I found a goal paradox. Which is probably thousands of years old already.

The point of the decision is to make it. Without making it nothing moves forward. You also don’t know if your chosen path is the right one. Unless you make a decision.

Like in these tv shows. You have no idea what is behind these doors. To keep the show going you must choose. So, you choose one. The outcome is based on luck. Of course you might have had a knowledge too. You maybe bribed someone to put the thing you wanted behind the right door. But who goes such lengths to win something.

The show must go on. And so must life.

Make your decisions fast and you will surf faster through the life. Also don’t sit on regrets. They bite.