Meat bodies

That’s us. Hooray.

So, I was reading a reddit thread about Digital Immortality. And of course brains behave in weird ways. Mine at least.

They were discussing possibilities and complications of uploading our minds in digital space. Is it possible? Do we lose sense of ourselves? Are we Us if the copy of Us is a copy? Stuff like that.

We can speculate as much as we want, however we truly have no idea what happens when we die. Obviously we know what happens with our three dimensional body. We can see and observe it.

What we don’t see is what happens on the higher frequency of energy. What happens with our mind? Our consciousness. Our soul. Assuming we have one.

The more I think about it, the more I fall under impression that Brain and Mind are two different things.

Does it mean we have a soul? No idea.

Assuming that I’m right, what are we uploading in digital space? A copy of our brains or a copy of our minds? We can’t copy the mind, because we do not understand it. It doesn’t belong to the 3D reality. Our mind sort of belongs to our soul. It has our real personality, and so on.

Whatever happens in our brains is shaped by our experiences while we are alive. When you copy the brain, you copy this specific character with with skills and personality. When you upload it to the host you are uploading connections of neurons into a new brain. Which actually makes me think that you either rewrite existing real brain, thus deleting the “owner” of that brain. Or for such action it is required to have an empty synthetic brain. Assuming that real brain could not handle such rewrite.

Our brains are highly adaptive, but to instantly rewire neurons… Also where is our personality stored?

Anyway. Meat bodies. We think about uploading ourselves to digital space. To store copies of ourselves until the right time.

If we think out of the box (maybe) and wider but upside down. Who is to say that we are not already uploading our consciousness somewhere? Like for example in a very inefficient and temporary storage.

Ehm. Ourselves.

This upload comes with a cost. We forget who we are. It is an error we are trying to fix. Which is troublesome, because we don’t remember who we are, and what we know.

Obvious question is, who are we then? I don’t know, duh.

If we are a storage for our consciousness, then we are defective since we die. Maybe we are dying species and being in these bodies, even for a short time, prolongs our lives.

Our brains are complicated. Supercomputers that we can’t replicate. Is it a stretch to think that we were built for a purpose?

Whole Universe is one big experiment of trial and error to create a storage device for a consciousness of a dying species. I mean, biological storage device that would last for millennia is probably tricky to create.

Think about it. We think that we are living our little lives, when in reality we are storage devices for an alien consciousness. A faulty for that matter.

How does it feel to be a fleshy usb drive?