Mini brainmush Saturday

It doesn’t happen often. I began to write a post and deleted it. It went nowhere.

Is it worthwhile to push through something? It is. That is how we find new horizons. Daily posts are not negotiable. Not until the next June. It is challenge after all.

Not every day is a writing day. It makes me appreciate writing even more. To write when you think there is nothing to write is a challenge on its own. No matter how you feel there is always something worth writing.

It doesn’t need to be made public. Writing process itself is important. Put your words on the paper/laptop (pc) screen. I used to curse like a sailor on paper. Fun times.

In essence, to write whatever is on your mind is free writing aka automatic writing. A way to declutter your mind. That’s how I write posts. Stephen King style. No outlines. All in one sitting. That would explain their shortness. Though, lately I’ve been practicing writing with an intention to increase max words in one sitting. It is a brainless writing. To minimize the gap between thinking and writing.

I actually understand how Stephen King can write without outlines. In my last practice I tried to write a story. Something totally random. If he writes as I think he does, he sees a movie in his mind and simply transcribes it. The only hiccup is to find the right words.

That little story in my mind played out just like that. I watched it unfold while writing. That’s kinda how I write every twitter story. I’ve skipped few days there. Whoops.

Mini means mini. Someone should remind me to eat more live food. Sigh.