Mold in sandwiches

I love bread. It is impossible to live without it. Delicious. Soft. Magical. Mix n match. Manipulate the surface of it. Sweet or hot topping. The choice is yours.

What is this?

They think I’m crazy. Insane. An addict. Are they joking? I just want my bread. Is that too much to ask?

I don’t want this hard block of whatever it is. This chewy mush that makes me puke. Screw your sharing and taking it slow.

I want to binge eat fresh bread. Enjoy every bite I take.

In the first weeks of this apocalypse it was my goal to squeeze the most out of breadperience. I’m not dumb, like they say. I know bread from in and out.

It’s as obvious as it goes. Bread goes stale. It gets mold. My journey began from the local bakery. Freshly baked bread for the day. Delicious.

As time went on I was left at the mercy of moldy sandwiches. You could say the bread lost its charm.

Now my experience is reduced to whatever I can get. The closer to bread it is, the more pleasurable the experience is. But it gets harder and harder as time goes on.

It’s hard. No one understands what I am going through. I will be very happy when this apocalypse will be over.

It will end soon. Right? Right?