As a part of my mini prep I searched for some tips. Can’t go blind in the battle. Unless you are that blind warrior from Netflix’s Marco Polo series. He was pretty awesome.

From all the tips I could find I picked out ones that spoke to me. Since I’m doing this for the first time, I have no tips of my own. Actually I have one. Just do it (thanks Nike).

Feast your eyes on the tips that speak:

  • Find a story you absolutely love.
  • – Come up with strong characters.
  • – Write a single-sentence story concept before you start.
  • – Research and “build the world” of your novel.
  • – Let your characters determine the story.
  • – Try writing in several shorter “sprints” per day. All you need is a few 15-minute bursts of writing each day.
  • – Give yourself permission to be imperfect.
  • – Trust your characters, even when they wander.
  • – The point of writing 50k words in a month is not the number; it’s about the process, the discipline, and connecting with your ability to converse in prose.
  • – Remember: you’re not writing a novel, you’re drafting one.
  • – Stop writing mid-sentence.
  • – Write like a child.
  • – Use talk-to-text.
  • – Write every single day.
  • – Don’t stop to edit.
  • – Know your “golden hours”.
  • – Plan to make sense.
  • – Work ahead.The trick is getting extra words in the bank early.
  • – Know your why! 
  • – Take Breaks (and Try Exercise).
  • – Try to plan beforehand—but don’t stress about it.
  • – Make writing for NaNoWriMo part of your routine.

Aha, I have one more of my own. Don’t eat foods that cloud your mind.

There you go. Thank you who wrote these tips. I will honor them by trying to apply them. November will be great. I can feel it.