Neon flowers

Are they real? Are they fake? Can you touch them? Smell them?

How do we know what is real in this world? Do you believe what you hear but not see? To believe you must trust.

It is easy to trust. Blindly. Without thinking. It is also easy to distrust. If you have been burned too many times, for example.

I’ve never been to Japan, yet I know it exists. I’ve seen it on TV. Later on internet. I have read about. Heard about it. There is knowledge about Japan in my mind. And yet I have not seen it with my own eyes.

Is Japan real? Or it only exists on TV and internet. I trust it is real. If I’ll buy a plane ticket and travel there, will it be real too?

I can’t see my face through my eyes. Only from a reflection in something reflective. How can I know that it is indeed my face? Can I trust my own eyes? Or they are playing tricks. Maybe I look completely different to other people. Just like voice. We hear our voices differently from other people.

What is behind your back? How do you know? Can you see it? It is a blind spot. What if there is nothing behind? What you see only appears when you look at it. We see walls and flowers because we have them in our minds. That’s how our minds create order in this world.

When you touch something, are you sure you are feeling it? I read that we actually don’t touch anything. It is a phantom feeling. Like a phantom limb. There is a space between fingers and the wall.

Do you feel with fingers or with your mind? It is interesting to think about. When you touch something it creates a sensation. But where? Do you know you touched something with fingers or your mind?

These worlds writers and movie makers create, they are real, right? Yet they do not exist. Unless someone creates a real life replica. Fictional worlds live in creator minds. For them these worlds are real. Very real.

Where is the line between reality and imagination? In my mind I can create the most ridiculous things. They cost nothing. Maybe time. To create the same in the real world requires resources. It kinda makes you think. There is nothing and no one to stop you of creating whatever you want.

If I want to create neon flowers, I can draw them. Paint them. Make them from sausages. I could paint a real flower in neon colors. Make it from metal scraps. Draw it in water. Split some genes and make it totally real. Possibilities are endless.

Who can stop me? Only I can. Excuses and mental blocks. That’s how we live this life. Stopping ourselves before we have a chance to explore what we can do.

We can change and expand our world and lives. Be curious and kind to yourself.