New game … Start!

Life kinda goes only in one direction. One path. One game. However, it twists and turns. We experience ups and downs. I would say we play more than one game during our lives. Unless you are one those who are stuck in a groundhog day.

One could argue that our life is still one game. But we play different levels of it. I thought about this too. It makes sense, however these periods we experience has their own levels.

Whatever period we live through, we learn and grow. And sometimes it happens that we outgrow the period we are in. That’s when the game comes to an end.

Its kinda our choice to end it. I wonder if there is a choice at all. When the period ends it ends. It is pretty much game over. When the game is over, all you can do is start a new game. New challenges. New growth experiences.

The beginning of the New game is intuitive. It happens when everything falls into the right places. And there is nothing else you have to do. All missions are finished. The world is explored.

Some games have a new game plus. Though it is a double edged sword. Some people live through crazy tough periods. I don’t think they would be happy to get out of it only to live the same life but twice as hard. I wouldn’t be surprised that it actually does happen.

The other edge is a challenging but fun life. When it would end, twice as challenging would be twice as fun.

That’s the point of the life. To experience it. To grow and outgrow your experiences. You can even outgrow people around you. They, on the other hand, can outgrow you too.

Can you see your life in different periods/segments? How many games have you started? How many have you finished?

I can count five different games for myself. The last one feels like an extended game with six mini games nested within. Which means six different experiences that lead to one goal (ending of the game).

The new shift/game that is coming has a stronger feeling. It feels separate from everything that came before. Not sure if that makes sense. But there is a difference. On the surface it’s a mental shift. Deeper it is much more. Once again I can’t explain it.

My mind wants say, “it is like becoming a stranger once again.” It is close. A new character in the game. More mature maybe.

Funny thing is I enjoy making new characters in games. At first I play with one. To make it my main. Then I try others. My go to characters are rogue/assassin/thief types. It might be connected with introvertedness.

Hmm … it is interesting. When we start the new a game. Do we start it as new characters? I, for one, am different person today than I was three years ago. Thus, I believe I am starting as a new character. How close to the truth it is only time can tell.

It is like characters in a novel. They must go through a character arc to experience a transformation. If there is a new novel, they must go through another transformation. Of course there are flat character arcs too. Though, in real life it makes the person very boring. That’s the one who is stuck in a groundhog day.

New game. New life. Or just a change in scenery? Well … we’ll see what will happen.