No ambitions, huh?

A strong desire to do or achieve something. That is what ambition means. Can you live without it?

To be successful in life we are told to seek success. To achieve greatness. Look at that person, she has achieved her dreams. That dude is rising to the top like a speeding train. All these people work toward their ambitions. Many of them found a seed of it in their childhood. All they had to do was to follow it.

Then there are people who have no ambitions at all. Maybe they haven’t found it yet. Maybe they don’t care about such thing. Can they live, without striving for success?

Success is individual. Your definition of success most likely is different from mine. Although, it depends on the mood. Sometimes.

Can a person not care about achieving something? In a world where most people want to achieve something. Fame, recognition, whatever kids want in these days. To save the world or put people on unlivable planet, or something.

A strong desire to achieve something simply isn’t there. Reasons are mystical and highly magical. Probably. Maybe. What you need to know, is that for some people it simply isn’t there.

Before you come to unnecessary conclusions, it is not a depression thingy.

It is just a thing.

Living without ambitions is possible, if one understands what happens within ones mind. And it is a tough one, because minds are a maze within a scattered puzzle.

No ambitions doesn’t mean giving up on life. It is more like enjoying life as it is. Big and wide. Without a tunnel vision that appears when you chase your dreams. A chill mode, if you will.

A chill mode in a world where ambitions take the stage? Yeah, I know. Outrageous.

No ambitions, no dreams. Outrageous I say.