Once human, always human

We are strange species. So diverse. Everyone being crazy in its own right. Sometimes totally unreasonable.

There are so many of us that it is impossible to know what other people are doing. It is impossible to meet everyone. To even see everyone.

Have you thought how many people you will meet in your life? I bet it’s less than 1%.

How many people will see you? How many people you actually want to meet? How many people will die while you live? How many will be born?

We born and die like waves in the ocean. Do we notice that, or are we preoccupied with our own little lives?

What is our responsibility on this planet? Ourselves? People, animals, nature around us? Planet itself?

We seek to fill our time on this world. We live. We try to survive. Our reality is what we see and understand. Everything else is a danger.

Some like danger. They seek it. It is a thrill. Some shy away from it. Retreat in the comfort bubble they never leave. This is human nature. To be different.

A gift to fill the time, here on the Earth, as we wish.

When different realities and comfort zones clash it’s a spectacle. A wonderful chaos. Destruction of beautiful dreams.

We barely understand ourselves, and yet we scream our truth.

We are humans. Flawed yet wondrous.