One chapter of the life is not the full life

Look at the life you are living now. Are you confident that you will be living the same life ten years from now?

You could. However, I bet that ten years later your life will be wildly different. Your current life is not the whole life. It is just a part of it. Just like babyhood and childhood, adulthood can have many chapters as you wish.

Everyone experiences ups and downs. It is the experience with the cards you were dealt. Life is not boring. Well, it is if you make it so. Life is an adventure. An adventure you can create yourself.

When nothing happens in a book, it becomes a boring read. You could say the same about the life. Lucky for us, something happens in the life all the time.

I have no idea why we have separated our lives like this. From babyhood to oldhood, with parenthood in the mix. Sure, we are going through such stages. We are also being slaves to it. We are treating kids like kids, old people like old people. It seems logical, but is it?

There are kids that behave like adults. Adults that behave like kids. Old people that don’t feel old at all.

What if we put no one in these boxes?

Everyone goes through different experiences. Each experience shapes the next one. We grow. We learn. Our first chapters are written by our parents, or whoever is taking care of us. Though, the very first chapter is always written by parents. Maybe it is a prologue? Anyway.

If we treat life as a book, then it is a book which is largely written by you. You determine the length of the chapters. The amount of chapters. Characters in your story. The book of life is your magnum opus.

One chapter of your book is not the whole book. You can’t change what you have written. But you can change what will be written further.

Write the next chapter wildly different.