Overeating is kicking me out cold

It’s a freaking Iron Mike’s punch. POW. My energy is out. Ok, not out exactly. 90% goes to digestion. I feel it.

I know that overeating is an invitation to the hell. But you know. Bad self-control. Don’t judge, lol. Just kidding. Judge away. By the way, all of that must be read in a sarcastic tone. Damn, should I put a disclaimer that my posts are not to be taken seriously? Especially if I’m starting to use internet slang and sometimes memes. That’s not how I talk in daily life, but you don’t know that. Moving on.

I’ve always felt how my energy is moving around as I changed diets. This time is a little bit more intense. Is it because my resolve to stay away from milk is stronger then ever? Plus I’m more determined to control overeating. It’s all in our heads.

I’m pretty sure you are already familiar with me liking long walks. If not. I like long walks. My previous four hour lap through the woods became quite jungly. Had to make a new one. Last month I combined few previous ones I used to walk. Ended up with a five hour lap. Sneaky thought tells me that I could make it even longer. Cool, but no thanks. Anyway, this new lap includes a sitting spot where I can watch trains fly by. I’m also using that place to do some snacking. Hence overeating. I think that sitting place might be my favorite in this town I’m stuck in. There is something mesmerizing to watch the moving trains.

Last week I did two walks. On both walks I overate plus drunk bunch of water. When I say overate it’s not like I ate so much that I can’t move, and I’m on the verge of blowing up. I don’t need a lot to feel that it’s too much. It’s very noticeable. Both times I got knocked out. The walks felt like a navy seal training. I’m not even exaggerating.

This week I did one walk without water. And. The walk was fine. When I got home, I drunk water. Few minutes later fatigue knocked on the door. Fascinating. Water is the catalyst for kicking digestion in a high gear. No wonder it’s advisable to drink water before eating, and not after. Or during. Combine it with overeating, and you’ll become a zombie.

Our gut is very flexible. You can stretch it, but its original size is like your fist. There is no surprise that overeating is common. It’s in our culture. At least in mine. Lots of food on the table. Must eat it all. That’s like ingrained in my brain. Plus food hoarding. Not a fan of that either. To stop overeating there must be control.

I can’t write you a complete guide. I’m pretty sure internet is full with them. What I can write are couple guidelines for myself.

Ignore what others have said. They don’t know your body. They can only guess through their own experience.

Know your body. Inside and out. Empty you gut and intestines. Do a water fast. I guess I’m obliged to tell you not to do it without professional guidance. My longest fast was two or three weeks. Prepare mentally. Do some research. Don’t start with lemon water. It doesn’t count. Re-feed slowly. With watermelon or any other high water fruit. Ignore what I said. Don’t do it alone.

When gut is empty, eat slowly. Feel the boundary, where it begins to stretch. Good rule of thumb is to eat until you’re 80% full. If you can eat and immediately run away from the lion, you are good. If you have an ectomorph body frame like I do, it will be mentally frustrating. Why? ‘Cause you don’t need to eat a lot, yet there is so much food.

Small, easy digestible meals. Packed with nutrition bomb and calories. Depending on how much you’ll decide to eat in a day, you’ll find that there is no place for crap foods. It’s all in the control.

And don’t drink water after eating. It will knock you out. It might not work if you are not a “special” diet, though.

A penny for your thoughts