Planning or winging?

Why not both?

It’s pretty much the same as outliners or pantsers. Which one are you?

I see winging as leading with heart. Planning as using your head/mind. Feelings and logic. Ice cream and french fries.

Lately I’ve been learning business stuff. Lately means for quite a while now. It’s interesting how my mind tends to cross-reference new knowledge with old experiences. Completely unrelated things. Yet they fit together quite nicely. And I noticed something.

I might not look like it, but I’m pretty spontaneous person. My heart tends to lead the way. Even when I was oblivious about it. That’s how I decided to apply to the job in a country I’ve never been to. That’s how I smoked weed without much thinking. And…nop, that’s for another time.

But heart only shows the way. If that path is short and no-brainer, there is no time for logical thinking. It’s a little bit different if that path is longer.

That’s where my brain switches to thinking mode. A preparation mode. Most recent example is last years bike traveling. For simple riding there wasn’t much thinking. As I expanded my traveling circle, I felt that I need to prepare more. Research more about roads. Still I failed it. Got lost once, and almost got stuck twice. Refresh my knowledge about bike repair. Knowledge was there but no tools. Poof went my tire. Prepare about towns I visited. How to ride for long periods of time.

Despite that decision to travel pretty far out was spontaneous, I still found time to prepare as much as I could. In a way preparation acted as a safety net. That’s where my mind pulled back my heart. Maybe that’s because I unconsciously tried minimize the risk. And, yet, it left plenty of room for failing and improvisation. Because, let’s be real, it’s impossible to prepare for everything that could happen.

The same spontaneity and preparation I can project in the future. I see things I would do without much thinking, and there are things I wouldn’t do without preparation. Starting business is one of those things that require preparation. To be fair I avoided business stuff like a plague. Lots of misconceptions. False information. But when with my heart I peeled layer by layer everything I could do with my life, starting my own business was the only thing left.

So, heart showed me the way. This is actually interesting. Spontaneity never kicked in when thinking about my own business. There was no room for winging at all. Planning itself went completely blindfolded. It’s ridiculous. You might think that internet in these days is the holy grail of information, but no. The useful information appeared much, much later. Also winging doesn’t work with business shenanigans, because there isn’t mental readiness. That’s one more preparation. It took me two years and I actually feel excited just thinking about it. Even taxes and accounting, can you believe it? I can (I better say that, because reality is listening).

You know where I don’t need planning. For long walks. If the weather is nice and I have time. I’m out.

Heart is the one that shows ‘Where’. The direction where to look and go. When you can jump there, it’s awesome.

When you can’t, mind steps in to show you ‘How’. How to get there, where heart is pointing. Some planning will get you moving. But I’m pretty sure, somewhere along the way you’ll need to wing it.

A penny for your thoughts