Play with what you have

Yes, we want more. Yes, we want a better life. ‘Wanting’ is a non-tangible thing. It is a theoretical future that might not become real.

What you have now is what you deserve. Ok, that sounds a bit harsh. Your current situation is an accumulation of your past actions. How’s that?

You are where you are because you did specific decisions that lead you there. Is it fair to blame someone else?

It is fine to want better things, however ‘wanting’ is not enough. You must do too. Obviously. But doing is not enough if we, by our standards, have nothing to do things with.

What do we do? Well, we can dream until our inner world collapses. We can put our ‘wants’ in a box for a later time, and save money or whatever until we reach the quality we seek. Or we can screw the dreaming and waiting, and do what we can with what we have.

Yes, there comes the fun part. You are out of excuses to not to do stuff. Unless your excuses are internal. Then, my dude, you have different things to work through first. Until you are out of excuses again.

The point is, be an inventor. If Iron Man could build a suit out of scraps, and A-team made … stuff … from things they found around, we can do the same.

Play with things around to create what you desire. Will quality suck? Possible. But as it happens, everything begins from a point of suck.