Plotting your life

Refreshed my knowledge about novel plotting. Let’s talk about life plotting.

Life is unpredictable. Plotting involves thinking forward. And backward. Plus criss-cross. We come into this world as blank pages. There are unconscious instincts. A gift from our animal times. Otherwise we are blank pages.

At that moment as we are, little and vulnerable, we can’t plot our lives. Well, we already did plot our lives a little bit as beings in other dimension. As we came into this world we simply forgot what we plotted. There is no guarantee that we will achieve what we plotted, because life.

When we are born our first act begins. We like it or not it adults begin to plot it as they wish. Tho, babies are little puppet masters. They want food, they cry. Diapers are full, they cry. Oh my god, they are little overlords.

Anyway. There comes time when we become capable of taking care of our own life. If we wish to do so. And we know how so. As a kid I had no idea what I really wanted to do with my life. I think it is a common challenge around the world. To know what to do with one’s life.

Some know it clearly and they act accordingly. They plot their life. By the age of 25 I will work there. By 30 I will marry this guy, and we’ll have three children.

Some have no idea what they will eat at dinner.

If you don’t care for your life, someone else will do it in your place. I’ve experienced it. It is pretty much as bullying. You stand in a circle and others push you around. That is how you live your life. Others make decisions in your place.

I believe that there are people who allow others to steer their life. It is their choice. I find it not fun.

Does it mean I’m plotting my life like crazy? Ha. No. Life is too unpredictable. However, seeing where you want to be is useful. It is pretty much a goal setting and manifestation. To steer your life in your own direction is possible.

It gives a sense of scary freedom (I don’t have a better expression yet). Taking a full responsibility of your own life in a way is plotting.

I find it hard to place second and third act. Maybe it is because I have no idea how and when I’ll die. I can speculate it. Peacefully in the sleep at the age of 150, for example. Waaait. Peacefully, yes. I’m greedy, so at the age of 150+. Not in sleep. I want to be aware of the dying process. Fully conscious and fully aware. That sounds exciting.

With the age of 150 as the end, I’m still in the first act. Second act begins when I’m 37. That’s nice.

Look at that. It is possible to plot your life. You just need to know when you will die. So easy. I suppose it is also useful to know how your novel will end.

It is important to have a direction in your life. No matter how ridiculous. Otherwise you will be a puppet.

I think you can actually practice it. Choose something easy to do and do it. Then repeat. You must make a conscious choice to do it. Be aware of every step you take until you do it. In no time you will be a master of your own life.