Pregnancy symptoms

For dragon people

That’s how deep I’m going with worldbuilding. Pregnancy of dragon people is three months long. In these three months I pulled in human fourth month. To make it more intense.

First month

  • – Very first symptom is locked transformation. It’s a defense mechanism for a baby.
  • – Increased appetite.
  • – More sensitive to certain odors.
  • – Sense of taste can change.
  • – Harder energy control.
  • – Moodiness.

Second month

  • – Fatigue.
  • – Slowed down digestion.
  • – Slowed down metabolism.
  • – Nausea.
  • – Cramping.
  • – Morning sickness.
  • – Increased urination.

Third month

  • – Sleeping problems.
  • – Slight weight gain.
  • – Dizziness.
  • – Headaches.
  • – Light spotting.

By the end of the third month symptoms steps back. Energy returns. Slight rounding in abdomen is visible. Maybe it’s even possible to feel the baby move. But don’t let your guard down. At any time labor can begin.

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You are welcome.

P.S. It’s most definitely not final. Nothing is final in the pre-phase. Nothing. I need to read about pregnancy symptoms for animals too.

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