Pudding craze

Three words. Out of control.

Like it wasn’t enough that we must run for our lives from marshmallow bunnies. Now we must fight among ourselves for a pudding.

This world is nothing like I imagined.

Do you know how hard it is to find mocca-chocolate-strawberry-vanilla pudding? My favorite. These bunnies stopped every production possible. Including my favorite pudding brand. Beyond The Great Horizon, we deliver the taste of the Universe to the tip of your tongue.

I think fast, you know. As soon as this bunnycalypse started I took my savings and travelled to the other side of the country.

To the Beyond The Great Horizon pudding factory.

The supply of the mocca-chocolate-strawberry-vanilla pudding has been wonky for the past six months already. I had a feeling that something is wrong.

When I broke into the factory, I discovered the truth. They had the gut to discontinue my favorite pudding. What they were selling was the last produce of it.

Right there, at that moment, I lost my will to live. What was the point? My life was ruined in 1 minute and 10 seconds. The time I read the document and processed it.

I found the last batch of the mocca-chocolate-strawberry-vanilla pudding and ate it all. That’s how saddened I was. Devastated.

After the initial shock was gone I vowed to find every single mocca-chocolate-strawberry-vanilla pudding in the country.

And here I am. Fighting for a single cherry-vanilla pudding.

This world is testing my patience. My resolution will not falter. My mission will be successful. I will survive.

Get your filthy hands off of my pudding.