Quality of stuff

I’ll get something out. If it’s useful for you, great.

Would you settle for inferior when superior is at one-hand distance?

My context is laptop choice. Your context probably will be something else. Knowledge is fun and it can trap your mind like nothing else. Those who are oblivious of tech stuff have easier time to choose laptops or any other device. That my thought at least.

Those who are interested in tech stuff have a harder time. Research makes it worse. I speak in negative terms because I need to get them out. I apologize that I’m using blog for it. Journaling helped to untangle different issue. This one is a bit different.

Two easy steps to choose a laptop. Have a budget. How much money you can spend? Have a goal. Why you need the laptop for? How you will use it? Essentially that’s all you need. You can do some basic research and go buy it. Or you can do more extensive research.

That’s the whole new world. I was out of laptop and PC tech loop for quite a while. Many things have changed during this time. It’s excitement that slowly boiled to frustration/annoyance. I’m fine, by the way.

Budget, check. Goals that were more like wants, way too much. Price difference with different laptop configurations can lead to the wabbit hole.

Under certain budget laptops look like Frankenstein Monsters. My final budget ended up being 800 euros. I bumped it up from 500. In this range it’s really hard to match my needs. I am picky. Very, very picky, and I do research.

One Frankenstein part is better. Mind begins to focus on that. This part is better than that. Why can’t they be together? Aaarghh.

You are Perfect. Almost. Why are you like this? Aaarghh.

Two good parts together. Not enough. Aaarghh.

If you have specific wants/needs skip the low end of products. With laptops it is not that easy as with pasta. Unless it’s a very, very high quality pasta, they all taste the same.

In my budget range differences are minuscule. Yet some parts stand out. Most of the time they are not together.

I am not seeking perfection. What I’m after is combination that will suit my needs. As of now it would be writing, graphic design, web design, coding, gaming. I already dropped a bunch of other stuff that simply don’t fit within this range.

Writing is easy. Pretty much any laptop would be fine.

Graphic and web design, that’s where it gets tougher. Not only what’s inside is important but also the display. I stopped doing graphic design stuff on my old laptop because display is not good.

After some research I got some guidelines for what counts as a good display. That narrowed my options a lot. In a sense it should be easier, however it pushed my budget up. Then there is, what’s inside the belly? This is where inferiority and superiority comes in. Something always will be better than the other. That’s even truer with a tech. Should I settle with my first (ha, more like twentieth) choice or should I choose the other that gives better value? For the similar price, nevertheless.

Coding is also quite easy. It gets hugged by others.

Gaming. Oh boy, the gaming. I miss gaming. I’m a gamer at the core and in my heart. I can get tired from gaming, yes. But, oh boy, the gaming. My eyes sparkle from the thought alone. Heart sings. Mind says, “shut up.”

Not gonna lie, at one point I focused on those laptops who were designed for games. Within my budget it’s quite impossible. Not if I want to combine it with design stuff. It is fascinating. Hardware is there, but display is not. As per multiple reviews, screens are dim and dull. It repeats with all gaming laptops within this range.

I can’t buy them because gaming is not my priority. As of now priorities are writing, web and graphic design. I need those colors.

I am all about high quality. Especially when it comes from my side. Thank Lucifer, high quality can be reached without perfectionism. I like to think about the best quality within limitations.

Limitations can always be expanded and removed. Thus quality will improve too.

My current laptop choice is very close to limitations I’ve set. It’s not the perfect (because perfect doesn’t exist) choice, but it checks quite few boxes. At least configuration of parts beats others around it.

Now. When I’ve written stuff out of my mind. Is this laptop my only choice? It is. I can’t go higher, and other choices will only downgrade it. Sigh. The choice has been made.

So, how about you? Do you like quality stuff?