I don’t know what it means. Let’s find out.

It is definitely not a sequel to Re-Animator. Something about reviving my mind, maybe. I wouldn’t say my mind is dead. It is clearly alive. All it needs is a complete overhaul.

Is it outrageous to ask for specific conditions to do it? I know that I wrote some time ago that I want to do it. Haven’t done it yet. It’s like I’m still missing few puzzle pieces. I’m not able to fully immerse myself yet.

I have a belief that it is a delicate process that requires time. Maybe I’m wrong and I can do it in few seconds.

One of the ‘problems’ is that, in my mind, there is a lot to do. Thus, I need a plan. But where to start? I’ve been mulling over it. I might have found a starting point. It’s also tricky to formulate what I think.

It’s actually interesting. Once in a while a question pops in my mind. Why am I reading? For one to gain knowledge. That’s for sure. Because I’m curious. These are pretty much standard answers. Today there was a newcomer.

I’m reading to find translations to my abstract thoughts. This is an interesting answer. I’m not that good at translating my own thoughts (this is a dumb belief and I should change it). Thus by reading I am searching for a shortcut to something I already know.

If you read a lot you’ll find that not every author speaks in your language. It is the same in fiction as in non-fiction. There have been times when the author I read made no sense. Later the same theme written by a different author made sense. Usually it happened backward. The older author was the more understandable it appeared. Don’t ask me which authors, I don’t remember. Interestingly, in these days I can find sensible bits and pieces from every author I read. It might be the power of cross-referencing.

Another idea. Re-Mind could mean doing nothing. Just laying on the ground like a corpse. Not moving. No distractions. Peace and calmness. I really need that. One or two days (maybe a month). Complete immersion of nothingness. Detached from everything and anything. I’ve tried it in some of my walks. It didn’t last long. Restlessness crept in quite fast. Special conditions are needed. Sigh.

It might be worth to revisit this thought someday.