Red shoes

Dorothy had red shoes. There was also a horror story with red shoes I read as a kid. What does it mean? Let’s find out.

Autobots…roll out. Once again I’m thinking that I should write posts in a different way. This idea creeps in at least once in a week.

I kind of read about deliberate practice, and I’m clueless how to apply it to writing. There are some ideas. I’m not 100% clueless, you know.

Dorothy used red shoes to travel back home. It was the end of her journey. Do we recognize the end of our journeys we take?

In a sense our journey begins when we born. It ends when we die. In the middle we do whatever we can to survive. Middle is where the mini journey’s happen. Even the trip to your fridge for a beer is a journey. Everything can happen in the middle.

How dramatic can a journey for a beer be? Aliens could attack. You could get distracted by a sexy woman who could eat you. Or you could trip, pass out, find yourself on an operating table.

One little, innocent journey to the fridge. It can open hundreds of possibilities. That’s how life…khmm…movies work.

I don’t remember that horror story with red shoes fully. It is pretty fuzzy. Since it’s a horror story I assume anyone who wore these shoes died. That seems plausible. I’m not gonna remind you that you will die someday. Why red shoes are the ones who do the killing?

It is an aggressive color. Most likely fits only to specific dresses. I don’t think red shoes are an easy match. It is a bold color. One of my favorites. Mostly as an accent color. I had a red shirt once. Doesn’t look that good on me. Tried red as a dominant color on the website too. There has to be very specific red for that to work. Haven’t found it yet.

Red shoes. It is obviously a metaphor. Going back home, and killing? This morning I was sitting and thinking that learning is quite simple. Associations and patterns.

Birds were singing around me. I couldn’t name them, because I didn’t have associations made to the sounds and birds.

The same happens with music and notes. Note is a symbol with attached sound. Sound comes from the instrument. Note sits on the paper. As a non-musician when I look at the note I see a symbol. I know it is a note. What I don’t know is the right sound associated with it.

This association game repeats over and over again. Just like when you read the passage of Dorothy tapping her heels and traveling back home over and over again. You put Dorothy in a loop. If you keep doing that she will never get home.

Interestingly, that is what we are doing with our own lives. Routines are loops. We are repeating them every day. It can go on for years.

If I remember correctly, Neil Gaiman creates Groundhog Day when he writes in his cabin. It is a deliberate loop. One that apparently works.

Other people live in these loops without noticing that they are in a loop. Until a day comes when ‘Oh Shit’ moment happens. Life becomes different.

Another interesting thing. As I sat today I closed my eyes. Unfocused them. Listened to the sounds. Couple minutes later I opened them. Colors looked different. More muted. It reminded me that everyone sees the world differently. We’ll never know how our world really looks like.

I asked myself three questions: What do I see? What do I hear? What do I feel?

With these questions you are ‘forced’ to focus on one thing at a time. It’s the same as focusing on breath when meditating.

What’s the purpose of these questions? To notice something you wouldn’t notice otherwise.

Tap your heels three times and fly home to fight the Big Bad Wolf.