Redbeard’s ale

Bless him in Valhalla.

Oh, you thought he was another lost soul of this Ragnarok? No, no. No. He was a brave warrior. Smiled when valkyrie grabbed his soul.

He was old. Old as the world. We actually don’t know how old he was. He looked ancient, but his beard never lost color. It always stayed red. No matter what.

Such a wonderful mystery.

Redbeard spent all his life perfecting this drink. Red ale. It wasn’t easy, he said. Ingredients changed through centuries. So did taste.

His mission was to recreate the first taste of the ale. Redbeard was just a little babe when his lips touched the drink for the first time.

A taste he never forgot. Never tasted again.

Such was his misery that it turned into a destiny. To recreate what was once lost.

What we drink now is the closest he ever got. Still not finished yet. We trust him to return and finish this job. Of course, he is not immortal. This is real life.

Per his own words, “I am stuck in a cycle of death and rebirth. I can die like a normal man. Or woman. I do not control the mechanisms of rebirth. When valkyrie grabs my soul, I mingle with her. I mean, I fight her for my freedom. If I prove myself worthy, she releases my soul. I come back to this world with my memories intact. My mission always in front of my eyes. To recreate the ale, I remember so well. This is why I die with a smile. I know I will return.”

We believe him and his mission. We trust him to return as a hot babe. I mean, hot lady. Until then we drink the Redbeard’s ale to celebrate his cycle of death and rebirth.