Reframing eating

Disclaimer: What follows is my personal experience. I’m not telling you to do or even try what’s written. I’m not a professional health expert. But I’m curious and crazy enough to try weird stuff. I thought I’ll put this here on top, seeing where my mind went.

Eating steals your time. And so does cooking. Choosing what to eat depletes your decision making battery. Why do you eat? For function or pleasure?

I’ve noticed that lately I tend to reach for food to “rest”. To fill a time slot between working. At that time I should be doing nothing. Or something brainless. Eating when not needed is a false action. A way to trick the mind I’m doing something. Mr. Mind becomes anxious when nothing happens. Mr. Mind needs his grown up pants.

Do you know when you are actually hungry? If you say when stomach starts to hurt (not hurt, you know what I mean) you already lost.

When I fasted for two weeks I never felt real hunger. It should be a pleasant feeling around your throat. So I would say that most of the time we eat when we don’t need to eat. Not to mention the amount we eat. Am I guilty of all this? Yes I am.

Food prepping is a thing. Meant to save time. Yet, food prepping still steals your time. I could get behind those who prepare their food for a single day. But those who do it for a whole week. How is that food edible?

Snacking disrupts body too. Not a helpful thing.

It’s not just external time. Food digestion also takes times. And that distracts body from it’s original purpose. Healing your body. That stomach hurt thingy means that body has stopped digesting and begins to heal the damage. But what we do? We begin to eat again. If you listen closely, you’ll hear body say, “Here we go again.” There is no time for healing.

Food and eating steals all the time. What to do? Simplify. Just like Steve Jobs wore the same clothes to save his decision battery. The same can be done with eating and food. That doesn’t mean eating the same food over and over again. You’ll die. Start eating less complicated food. Eat when you really need to. When you reach for food, ask yourself why do you want to eat.

If you start to think about it consciously, this simplifying will become complicated real fast. Also don’t expect results overnight.

This probably works only for those who already understand that time is the most valuable resource. In a way I picked this up while learning about business and marketing stuff. In design world (and I mean high at the top) designers are paid for saving time and efficiency. That’s why there are no hourly pays.

Why couldn’t you eat to save time too?

Combining it with what my body says. Well, it’s pretty much yelling to simplify. Eat less to save time. Eat simple for highest efficiency. Meaning, when body is done digesting it can go back to it’s original job. Healing. Who likes distractions when they are in the flow? Digestion is this distraction. Imagine you don’t need to cook for three hours anymore. You just eat a simple fruit or salad in ten minutes and go swimming. Or mountain climbing.

By now you are probably squinting your eyes, “Is this a vegan propaganda?” No it’s not. It’s a little curiosity seed that may or may not make you ask for more. And, of course, my personal experience. But it is funny how it leads to veganism.

A penny for your thoughts