Rejection of life

Is life worth it, if it sucks?

Should you keep pushing forward, or reject it?

I can’t make this choice in your place. To keep pushing forward is to fight head on. To reject is to walk away from it. Only you know which choice is suitable for you.

When you push forward you are using your strength. Both, mental and physical. It is a strenuous activity that can leave you broken. Not just broken, but also empty.

It is also a rewarding experience. You become stronger and smarter. Life itself doesn’t get easier. Life just is. It’s you who is adapting to it.

Rejection of life could mean more than one thing. You reject it to build a new life. You reject it completely to leave it behind.

Do we really build a new life if we have only one life? If it is us who is creating our life through experiences, then what would it mean to build a new life?

Maybe it means to seek new experiences. If death is the end could life be a tree with many branches? When we choose to reject the current life we have, are we breaking the branch we are on?

You can’t reject the life since life is all there is. You can change its direction. More than once, if you wish. If you hate it, life is still there. If you love it, it is still there.

Life doesn’t reject you. It is part of you. We are part of it. It is our relationship with life. What you make of it, tells your story.

Wherever you are now, remember that it is only one path of many. You can reject the path you are on and a new path will emerge.

Life is full with possibilities.