Sacrificing what you love

That is how rituals work, ok? To achieve the end result it is required to sacrifice what you love.

The magical item that sits behind the veil of the reality is hungry. Well, maybe it is innocent and the a-holes who created the ritual are nuts. That’s is definitely a possibility.

Just like the one who created the interaction between our brains and the time. They is a dick.

As we know, we are ticking death bombs. Any minute we can go boom. We are born into this world. This beautiful world with so many wonders. So much to see, so much to try. This planet is the true candy store.

And whoosh! we are hit with so many stoppers. Well, excuse me, I just wanted to be born to have some fun. Denied. Not enough credits, I mean, not enough time to explore it all.

Yeah, I know, there are people who are happy to do whatever they do. They are also happy to not do whatever they don’t want to do.

However, even they must sacrifice the thing we love. No, it is not a chocolate pudding.

It is Time. Focus. Ze Time. We love our time, yet we can’t reason with it. It is impossible to say, “listen, I’ll do this thing for x years. Be cool and stop for a while, kay?”

Nop. Ze Time won’t listen to you.

If anything it will accelerate these years. Just to leave you wondering where did the time go. To indulge into one experience means sacrificing another experience. That is the dance of the life.

Are these sacrifices made for the greater good? Only you know the answer.