Screaming flowers

Because everything has consciousness. How would you feel if some giant would cut your legs? You did your best to grow as a beautiful flower.

Bathing in the sunlight. Sleeping at night. Reaching for the light until your petals opened, welcoming the warmness. Then a quick snap.

Now you are bundled with other victims. Taken god knows where. Put in the water, you are desperately drinking. One missing drop and you will wither.

You are not a flower anymore. You are a zombie. Grasping for life. Kept alive, just to be sold.

How does it feel being watched by death? A little consolation that your dying body will make someone happy. Your dying body used to ask for forgiveness. To celebrate something you’ve never been aware of.

Your life cut short, because you were deemed beautiful.

Is this how we treat what we love? You are beautiful, let me cut you and keep you alive for a profit. Is this how humans assert dominance to the planet that gave birth to us?

Is this why we evolved? To destroy what is beautiful. Pleasing to our eye. To kill what doesn’t fight back?

Being here is a joy, however we have morphed it into a terror for the rest.

We are the rule makers, after all.