Screw being overwhelmed

Right? Right? It is like an unwanted ocean steamrolling you. Being overwhelmed can end up only in one way. That’s right, analysis paralysis.

That gently guides you in procrastination. Or in extensive self-analysis session. Which is better than procrastination. Nevertheless overwhelm makes you stop. Trapped in a blinding light like a deer.

To not be overwhelmed you should break down your actions in small chunks. Then follow these breadcrumbs until your task is done. It does sound easy. So why do we get stuck?

We want to be more than we can chew. And we want it at this exact moment. Even when we logically know, it won’t happen, because it takes time to be what we want to be. Not to mention it might require resources in some instances. Plus while we do one thing we’ll definitely find another thing. Welcome distraction, a friend that never left.

Chunking down all that is in front of us might seem impossible. However, believe it or not, not everything is important. Not even that thing, or two, you swear by how important it is.

As smart people say, do your important stuff first. Mostly it is meant in a context of daily tasks. For us, weirdos, context is all that never-ending stuff we want to do in front of us.

Cooking, sculpting, traveling, collecting, music making, plumbing, sky diving. All that and more. Much, much more. Should we really be surprised that we get overwhelmed?

Whatever we want to do will require new knowledge. New learning. New steps to follow. Time to invest. If we want it all right at this moment, you better have an ability to create a singularity within you. It would be fun to instantly absorb multiple skills or experiences. To live and learn outside the boundaries of time.

Could we do that one day?

You know, time doesn’t stop. Either we eat, work, do nothing or contemplate about the life we’ll never truly understand, time never stops flowing.

I suppose that is why it is said to focus on one thing only. Become excellent at it, they say. Spend your lifetime honing this one skill, die as an expert. Yaay. I mean, it definitely works for some people.

And then there are those who prefer being Jack of all trades, Master of none. Obviously, there are healthy boundaries. Most likely. I think. But who needs them, haha. Ha.

We can battle The Great Overwhelm by keeping in mind that we will die. Weird, right? Well, you can die at any moment or while being old.

By focusing on being old, life has a different perspective. All the things you want to learn and do can be spread throughout your lifetime. As you live your life, you might find out that you can combine your ‘wants’. You can mix and remix your experiences.

We definitely underestimate how much time something can take. Our perception of time is strange. Thirty years seem so far away. It really isn’t. And yet, in thirty years you can achieve so much or nothing at all.

Become a Jack of all trades, Master of none by slicing up your living time. Take whatever skills you want to learn and spread them out throughout your life. You’ll need to make a fictional time of your death, though.

That also gives you an overview of skills you want to learn sooner. What can be left for your old age?

To have everything right at this moment is quite impossible. Workaround for The Great Overwhelm is to alter your perception of time. Not saying it will be accurate. Most likely not.

Be aware of your whole life. Be aware of the time you have. Time is weird, however it allows us to do a lot. And it is possible to a lot, just not everything at the same time. Because time and our brains are awesome but weird.