Searching the right core skill

When you wander through your life, you will accumulate skills. These are skills of things and experiences you have tried. Some you might have tried only once. Others you tend to periodically visit. Either in thoughts or in doing. Then there are skills that are tagging along like a shadow.

Wandering is fun. However at some point you could reach a point where confusion surfs the high wave.

You have dabbled with all these skills. Most likely there are skills you like more than others. Skills that you are returning to, but still haven’t practiced deeper. Future skills you would like to try, but for some reason you can’t do them now.

Confusion sets in when, despite, being a wanderer you still want to find a core skill. A core skill is one skill or skill set around which other skills float around.

Skills that float around could be related to the core skill, or could be different. These skills are feeding the chosen core skill. And vice versa.

In my head it is a complex structure. Similar to neurons that fire connections between themselves. In a simple way, draw a circle. Inside it write a core skill. Draw lines that extend from that circle. At the end of these lines draw another circle. Inside write skills that float around.

In a way the core skill also serves as an answer to, “What are you doing?” “What is your job?”

Plus it is like your main income stream.

At least that’s the theory.

Core skill can be changed. It might even come from the surrounding skills. To get through the confusion I found five questions.

What I can do now? – Write down all you can do at this moment. No matter how good or bad. Write it down.

What I can do now, but need more skill? – From the previous list take out skills that require more practice to be useful. For example, my drawing skill is mediocre at best. I would like to use it as my income stream but I won’t. My drawing skill is not high enough. Though, I have high standards for it too.

What I want to do, but have little skill? – This, I guess, can be used to dig deeper in the previous list. Follow your gut. Which of these skills speak to you? Which could be worth to invest your time to reach the necessary skill level?

What I want to do, but have no skill, or equipment, or other necessary stuff? Keeping with drawing as an example, years ago I wanted to learn digital painting. I bought a Wacom tablet, but my PC couldn’t handle the painting process. Now, when I have a laptop that can handle it, digital painting becomes something I want to do, but have little skill. Other necessary stuff are habits and beliefs, that hold you back.

What I can combine? Look at the skills that are similar. Maybe you can combine them to create a set of skills. A bundle of sorts.

Finding the right core skill can take time. You might even develop new skills. Re-ignite old skills. However I think it is worth to have it. Knowing it might even make the life easier.