Seeing through

In drawing there is a thing called ‘Drawing through’. It is when you draw through the form. No idea why this popped in my mind, but here we go.

Seeing through the life? Maybe?

An ability to see the diverging paths of your future. Being self-aware would unlock such skill. Maybe it’s a hidden skill in a skill tree.

I suppose it also would require a knowledge of things, and a detachment of yourself and processes of life.

We tend to do stuff automatically. It is a full immersion in living as the character we have developed. We plan for the future. We dream about the future. It is a mechanical approach. Learned from other people, because that’s what we do. We observe, learn, and apply the knowledge.

Learning from other people is a shortcut. Have you thought about that?

And action is fast. Just like in action movies. The pace is so fast that a 90 min feels like a 5 min movie. In life speed is the same. However we are afraid of action. Maybe not the action itself, but the consequences from it. What does it mean? I have no idea.

Seeing through is a deliberate action. Self-analysis of some kind. It can go beyond comprehension, deep in the rabbit hole.

You question your doings. Analyse what you did, how you did it, the good and bad, take mental notes for the future. It gives you an insight of yourself.

In a way it is a curse, but also a blessing. Being aware of what you are doing is better than doing stuff automatically. It also gives an ability to catch yourself when you are slipping into automatic mode.

Of course it’s also a never ending self-analysis. Eating a cookie while knowing you shouldn’t be eating it. Because you know the biological processes that will happen within your body after the cookie has been eaten. Yeah, I know. Knowledge.

Analysing future is kinda weird.

Future is the unknown. Unless we isolate ourselves and create a groundhog day, we don’t know what can happen. The only way to ‘predict’ the future is through the experience. To see the repeating patterns, anomalies.

Self-analysis gives this experience about yourself. We may not know the future, however we can have an estimate of our reactions to the external changes in the world around us. Including simple things like as food. Knowing ourselves we can predict what will happen if we eat this and that.

So seeing through the life is not so much about predicting the future. It is being self-aware, while using self-analysis to predict our own reaction to the external changes. Or internal, if we think about the food.

It sounds complicated and requires a wide range of knowledge and experience. Also it is completely subjective, because we are totally different individuals.

What is knowledge and experience if not a personal perspective of the world. An intimate relationship with the Universe.

Yeah, Autobots, roll out!