Should we look at the past?

Yeah. But don’t delve in it.

Your past shaped who you are now. The good, the bad, the ugly. All of that meet in the Now. It’s a busy road of experiences. Sometimes so tangled it becomes a muddy mess. And, yes, it’s fun to look back to see how far you’ve come. To analyze your own patterns. To see what worked. What didn’t worked. It’s educational.

Past doesn’t exist. Whaaaat? I don’t remember who talked about. Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, one of these guys probably. Past is a social construct. And so is future. Past is a memory, thus not real. Yeah, memories live in a fake land.

It’s an interesting thought experiment. Try to forget the words Past, Future, Memory. Or visualize that they don’t exist. Your mind might freak out. That’s ok. These are concepts humans created to explain our linear time. Why do we think it’s linear? Because time and movement. What if you suddenly forget these concepts? What is left? What is real? Your current moment. The eternal now.

That’s a world view of Aboriginal Australians. Their time is not horizontal like ours. For them it’s stacked vertically. Whatever happened in the past still happens in the Now. It’s interconnected with ancestors and future generations. It’s quite doozy. Google for the dreaming if you crave more information.

Past and Future can be a real trap. That’s where fear lives too. There is no fear in the Now. It creeps into your mind when you start thinking about the failures of the past, or uncertainties of the future. Being in Now means to be present. It’s not that easy to do.

But why should we look at the past? Because it’s fun. History is fun. Also there is a century old question. How much of it is true? History is written by the winners. They also like to skip lots of things.

Your past has been written by you. Unless it’s a book written by someone else. Since our conscious mind can’t remember it all, and has a tendency to twist memories. Everything is recorded somewhere in the cosmic library. What does it mean? It’s accessible to every cosmic being. It’s a free knowledge, just like our history books.

Anyway. Treat your past as a big book. Skim through it. Read some pages. Don’t get immersed in it too deeply. People tend to do it until time bomb goes off. Not cool. Past shaped you, but don’t let it trap you. The you in the Now has all the power.

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