Small bites

Our mouths are small. I’m pretty sure that is a fact. Thus, when presented with a cake, we can’t eat it all at once. Obviously that cake is big and delicious.

To devour it we need to start with small bites.

Life is a bakery, and your goals and dreams are cakes. They come in different sizes. We can dream big, however when this big dream looms over you, it can become scary. What we do when something is scary? We hide. Or procrastinate. Most likely both.

Big cakes are fine as long as they are far away. Imagine a cake that is so big but still feels really close. Then comes a big knife that slices it apart. It is a very intricate knife work. One that slices your cake in bite sized pieces.

Of course, you could also jump into the cake with mouth first. But still, you could bite only small pieces of your cake. Small enough to fit in your mouth.

To succeed in eating the whole cake, small bites are the key. To reach your dreams, break them apart. Be as ambitious as you want to be, but know that results are not instant.

Results come from the investment of the time. By taking small bites from the cake, you will eventually finish it. The same happens with goals and dreams. As long as you continue to work toward them, you will succeed.

Small bites plus time that goes forward equals cake that is eaten.