Smashing pumpkins

Not the band. Literal pumpkins that are getting smashed. Hulk smash! This is how I find what to write about. Weird stuff first. Something digestible later. Maybe.

Did you know that in Japan they have special rooms where you can smash things?

Bad day at work? Go smash. Lots of anger within? Go smash. Smash. Smash. Smash. Better than smashing other people property, huh?

Smashing can be a good catharsis. It is a physical activity, after all. To hit. To kick. Until your muscles are sore. Mind becomes blank. You become empty of whatever emotions you were holding within.

Sometimes we want to smash things for fun. That’s also fine. Obviously smash things that belong to no one. It is a common sense. At least I would hope so. Though, common sense is not easy to find.

Anyway. Pumpkins are Halloween food, and decoration. Spooky. Most likely because pumpkins are ripe at that time. Thus, they get carved and eaten.

That sounds horrifying. Imagine if pumpkins had consciousness. We are using them as decorations for our fun.

We think that aliens would be similar to us. What if they are like pumpkins? And not on some distant planet, but right here. Pumpkins as seasonal aliens.

Trying to communicate. Always failing. Such horror.

Think about it next time you eat that delicious pumpkin pie.