Soon to be dad

Pretty mad, huh? I’m out of serious posts. Thus, this is what my brain can cook up.

Maybe another interpretation of the title could be ‘Soon to be dead’. Both are awful titles. What if this post is about unnecessary announcements?

Why do we announce things? Are we proud of what we are doing? Do we want to look cool in other people eyes? To raise our status, or fake it?

It could also be a marketing thing. Which makes sense. An announcement or title that is a clickbait. That is, title doesn’t represent the context of the content.

This title most likely is a clickbait, since I’m not writing how happy I am to become a dad. Of course, it is a clickbait if you clicked on this post with such intention.

If you clicked on the post with an intention to read random jumble, would that count as a clickbait?

I’ve seen real clickbait titles and articles. Most likely you have too. It’s annoying and fake. Created just for statistics. Those who does that doesn’t care for readers at all. It is all about getting those clicks.

Just like social media is all about likes and impressions. A validation of a cool life. A sense of belonging. A feeling of worth.

How does it feel to look happy on the outside while being dead inside?

Faking your life requires additional usage of the energy. Additional time spent on preparation and execution. To compose yourself while you put your mask on.

Acting is a full time job. If you do that every day, there will be time when you’ll break. It won’t be a pretty sight. Not for you, not for others.

Wizard of Oz was discovered. If that can happen to him, it most definitely can happen to you.

Many people say, “social media sucks. It is ruining lives.” Social media and internet in general is an empty house. A shell. Without people, internet is nothing.

Does it make sense to blame social media? It does nothing. Just like gun on the table. Gun on its own is powerless. Yes, it holds great power. A power gun itself can’t use. Is it really a gun that kills people?

People suck. We are twisted creatures who like to blame everything else but themselves. Social media is a perfect scapegoat for this. An empty house where the party is in full power. Bad house, right?

Allow me to announce how good I have been today. Hear my stories of good deeds. Even better, watch a video how good I was today.

Validate my feelings. Pretty please.

A competition for attention is big. Millions of people are doing their best to be in the spotlight. Who will win? The fake or the real? The clickbait or the truth?

Whatever we do we are in the spotlight. It is inevitable. The future leans into transparency. It will be misused, manipulated, and exploited. Will we suffer because of this?

Will we create an Utopia?

World is changing fast and we can’t keep up. Is this the curse of this generation? We are in the middle between old and new. A really strange place to be.

Who is right? Those who live in the past or those who live in the future?