Sparkly popcorn

Too sparkly to be old. Of course we can’t know that without trying it. Imagine living on popcorn. Once I would’ve thought it’s such a ridiculous thing.

Now it is our reality.

Searching for food that is still edible. Fighting for scraps with everyone including animals. I’m not even sure there is a distinction between us now.

We all behave as savages. Trying to survive. To cling to the life we feel miserable in.

Sometimes I think that a quick death is a blessing. Anyone who died would agree with me. Sorry, bad joke. I find comfort in joking, because I survived.

Why did I survive? I asked it to myself, got incomprehensible answers. I asked to others I met, they looked at me like I am crazy. I even reached out to God. As always, silence.

Why do I even bother to understand my existence? To feel better that I survived by a sheer luck? If that’s how you call a tumbling down the stairs, being run over by car, crashed by unknown feet. I was drunk. That day it was my intention to become the drunkest person in the world.

Fun fact. These bunnies, or whatever they are, are only attracted to a living flesh. Not to say I was completely without a pulse. But apparently close enough to be ignored.

Even I do not understand how I survived. It is also questionable if I am alive. As far as I know I could be dying right at this moment, and all of this is my imagination.

Who knows the truth? Who can reveal the truth?

Right. Popcorn. Been eating it for a while now. Stumbled upon it. In big crates. Food for a very long time. It also means guarding it. Or an exchange for liquid. Anything will do. I’m not picky.

So, do we trade, or I slice you like the others?