Start with one full day

Sometimes we want to do it all. Every skill and job, and career choice looks so tempting. So interesting and worth a pursuit.

However it is easy to make a choice that ends up being quite different than you thought.

I’m quite on an edge if I like this time period or not. In a way I’m not a fan of it, because I don’t think I belong here. The stranger amidst strangers. Though I chose to experience it, so it nullifies my not belonging.

In another way this time period is awesome. So much information is available out there. It’s crazy. Of course, being overwhelmed is a thing too.

If you want to do it all, but you feel overwhelmed, know that in this day and age you are allowed to do trials. They should be encouraged, to be honest.

Especially if you are young.

Take one day and create it as closely as possible to the job of your choice. With the information out there it is easy to find the day to day stuff for almost any job.

Many jobs and careers look awesome on the paper. Sometimes the perception changes when you are actually doing it.

During this one day visualize that you’ve been doing this job for a while now. Additionally visualize that you will be doing it for many years to come.

Will you still be interested in it ten years from now? Will it give you the same excitement as it does now?

If one day is not enough to get a taste of it, expand it to a week, maybe even a month. Do a monthly challenge to experience the field of your interest.

Can you do it for a month straight? Will you be able to do it for two or three months?

During this trial period you may notice that you actually don’t enjoy it. You might like to observe it from the outside, however being inside and doing it is not what you want.

Maybe you will find that you do like this job or activity, but you lack the skill to be at a level you want to be. Then you can work on increasing your skill. It may take time and your excitement spark could become smaller. Should you drop it or continue? Follow your inner feelings.

We live in a time period where you don’t have to be tied to one career or skill for the whole life. And this time period allows us to test these careers in a blink of an eye. Information is accessible (at least I think it is).

One other bonus is that one career can have many variants. This age has given us a gift of flexibility. And it starts with one full day of doing what interests you.