Strawberry fart

It’s not what you think it is. Well, maybe it is. Strawberry fart is a cocktail. A very intricate experiment that became a hit among customers.

Last drink for many.

Something happened that night. As you know there is no known way to kill those bunnies. No one can catch them. Those who tried to shoot them, said bullets did no damage.

The same thing with fire, water, or really anything you can imagine. There is a talk to switch to a chemical warfare. But it’s just a conspiracy theory. Not that I would mind.

I’m getting side-tracked.

Maybe I was too high. On adrenaline. What I saw might not be real. But. I’m pretty sure that strawberry fart killed a marshmallow bunny.

Again. I can’t fully trust my eyes. I’ve been burned before. But I’m pretty that is what I saw.

Our bar was destroyed that night. The only person who knew the complete recipe is dead. Ok, I’m not sure any of us knew what we were doing. We were pretty high. And it was an improvisation.

We made strawberry fart out of what was left. Because, coincidentally, it was an apocalypse party. But I’m pretty sure, whatever we made that night killed a marshmallow bunny.

It’s that or I am totally tripping.

I seek someone to unlock my beyond mind. It is the only way to know for sure.

Do you know someone, who could reach my beyond mind?