Swinging left and right

It’s not what you think. You dirty mind.

I wanted to write a single sentence post for a while now. So, yesterday I had a great opportunity to do that. Yesterday just melted away. Poof. Barely noticed. But that’s not why I wrote a post like that.

It’s swinging, dude. The mind, I mean. I could also say that it is surfing on different waves. For a while I took a more spiritual path. Mindfulness. Looking inward. Stuff like that. Then mind just pivoted into business/strategical thinking mode. Opened up many different doors.

I can’t explain how it happens. It just does. And how can I explain that when a swing like this happens, I might turn into a hermit mode, which is 95% thinking mode. That’s where I try to make sense of my new ideas and different perspectives of old ideas.

It also includes research, because I suddenly find relevant stuff. That how Universe works.

Swings like these happen. Not once or twice. Multiple times. Most of the time it’s just a shift in interests. This time it’s pretty much an overhaul of almost everything. It’s a biggie.

If I tell you that deep thinking is also an action. Would you agree?

Correct thinking is hard. What is a correct thinking? I don’t know. Don’t ask me.

This type of ‘overhaul swing’ floods in new concepts and new ideas. It takes time to sift through them. Not all of them are applicable now. Some are not useful. Which is not true. Because many ideas that seem useless now might prove useful later.

What to do when this type of swing happens? Not sure about you, but for me deep thinking comes first. To allow these thoughts to rush through me. Next logical step would be to organize them. Which I have done in my head at the present moment. As Universe decides to play with me, good resources appear. In the form of new finds and old finds (which have become relevant).

New information requires new organization. Most likely in a written form. Haven’t done that yet.

Action is the last step. The most hard one, right? Until the next swing hits.

I’ve read about pivot points in businesses. It’s where your business is changing direction of a value it provides. This is similar. A pivot point in overall thinking or interests. It’s not complete change, just a swing to the left or right.

How does it impact what I’m currently doing? Nothing radical. A little tweak here and there. Interestingly, the radical stuff is a long-term stuff. Which won’t be that noticeable. Probably.

New discoveries and ideas does render few old plans obsolete. And these plans were only couple months old. Sigh. It’s for the best, though.

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